SUV Found Set on Fire 30 Miles Away: Georgia Mom-of-4 Still Missing  – The route to the location where the charred vehicle of missing Georgia mother, Imani Roberson, was discovered takes you through a residential area not commonly used as a dumping site for vehicles, let alone an arson scene.

The site is surrounded by nice and expensive homes. Potential witnesses might have, at the very least, detected the smell of smoke from the burning car. Some could even have witnessed flames. There is little doubt that individuals passing through the area would have been able to observe the charred vehicle.

SUV Found Set on Fire 30 Miles Away: Georgia Mom-of-4 Still Missing

As CrimeOnline previously reported, Roberson has been missing since July 16. The mom of four had dinner with her mother and other family members before embarking on a short drive home. An early morning capture from a neighbor’s Ring camera pointed at Roberson’s house, picked up what seemed like a gunshot, followed by Roberson’s white Mazda SUV speeding away from the house.

Recently in Alabama, a young lady staged a kidnapping and called 911. Concerns arose online and in the media regarding the seriousness with which the next missing Black female would be taken.

However, I was certain this wouldn’t be the case. I can personally attest that Sheriff Eric Levett mobilized his efforts to locate Roberson and her vehicle without hesitation.

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department responded promptly and decisively. I requested my friend and colleague, Captain Nicholle Brock, to meet me at the scene to draw attention to this urgent case. Brock immediately agreed and was even there before I arrived.

This level of dedication is not uncommon among the agencies and experts I’ve collaborated with over my 40-year career.

The victim’s vehicle has been found, but the search for Imani continues.

Sheriff Levett affirmed during a press conference, “I have assured her mother that we are going to find her daughter. We are going to find out why she’s missing.”

The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has employed every available resource to investigate this case. The department’s six investigators have collectively contributed over 500 hours of work. They’ve utilized drones, two helicopters, flock cameras, and cadaver dogs in their search for Roberson.

Collaborations with other law enforcement agencies like the Atlanta Police Department and South Fulton Police have been instrumental. Their commitment to the case shows no sign of waning.

Upon locating her vehicle, it was evident that it had been intentionally burnt from the inside. Arson is often used to conceal another crime, and someone took extreme measures to obliterate evidence from the car. Arson expert and firefighter Nicholle Brock, a Captain with a metro fire department, accompanied me to the vehicle fire scene.

Family Handout/Facebook

As we approached the neighborhood near the crime scene, Brock immediately noted, “This is not a typical backdrop for setting a vehicle on fire.”

I fully agreed.

She further remarked, “A burned-out car left at a remote scene. The case’s details speak volumes. Every criminal believes they can outsmart science, only to realize there isn’t enough time in the day to cover every single detail that will prevent the trail from tracking straight back to them.”

If harm has indeed befallen Roberson, did the perpetrator have knowledge of this area? Are they familiar with it? The location is off the highway, situated near powerline towers in a clearing. It’s a place that would easily catch the attention of anyone passing by on foot.

The individual who drove her car there didn’t stumble upon this almost concealed roadway coincidentally. If they are from Rockdale County, they would need a means of returning home, which could be at least a 25-mile drive.

Family Handout/Facebook

As the investigation unfolds, a few questions linger. Did the assailant act alone? Did someone assist them? The involvement of cadaver dogs and the urgency displayed by the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office within the critical first 48 hours indicate that they are leaving nothing to chance.

Certain concerns cannot be overlooked. The ring camera capturing the sound of a gunshot raises questions. If the perpetrator was a stranger, why abduct her? Why take her car? Why wasn’t her disappearance reported that night? Who was caring for her two younger children?

With a one-month-old child, wasn’t she the primary caregiver? Where is her husband? Roberson has been absent from sight and sound for over two weeks. Having four children, the youngest being just one month old, she would never willingly leave her children.

Her burned-out vehicle was discovered in a remote location. Her mother reported her missing, and her parents pleaded for her safe return. Whoever is responsible for her disappearance, potential harm, vehicle destruction, and burning likely counted on the car never being found.

Family Handout

They might have even expected law enforcement to assume she had simply run away to start a new life. Yet, the assailant underestimated the determination of the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department. I witnessed their unwavering efforts firsthand, enduring extreme heat as they navigated a dusty and steep terrain to revisit the crime scene where Roberson’s vehicle was located.

Brock made one thing clear: “Fire doesn’t always cover up a crime. Sometimes it just ignites the investigators’ passion to solve the case.”

The search for clues, evidence, and witnesses is ongoing. While on-site, I overheard two crime scene investigators discussing evidence found and items undergoing testing. I won’t disclose any details to ensure the integrity of the investigation, but it’s evident that this agency is handling the case flawlessly.

They are working relentlessly to gain a clearer understanding of who burned the vehicle, the motives behind it, and where Imani might be.

Their determination knows no bounds. They won’t cease until they locate her. They won’t rest until those responsible are apprehended and brought to justice. The Sheriff’s Department conveyed this message: “The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office has a dedicated team of investigators who tirelessly ensure thorough investigation and resolution of all cases.

Imani Roberson’s disappearance is no exception. Investigators have invested over 500 hours pursuing leads in this case. Sheriff Levett remains steadfast in his promise to Imani’s mother – we will never stop searching for her daughter.

Every available resource is being employed; please continue to support our efforts to bring Imani home.” As I often say, “The white hats are coming”!

If you possess any information regarding Imani Roberson’s whereabouts, please contact the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s office said at a news conference on Wednesday it was still investigating and urged anyone with information to contact them.

Roberson’s mother, Clarine Andujar-White, was also at the news conference, and begged, “Please let me bring Imani home.”

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[Featured image: Imani Roberson/Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office; Facebook]

Post source: Crime Online