Anne-Marie and Slowthai's First Time with Newborn Daughter

Anne-Marie, the renowned singer and former coach on The Voice, and her rapper husband Slowthai, whose real name is Tyron Kaymone Frampton, have been seen for the first time with their newborn daughter, Seven, after keeping her pregnancy a secret for nine months. This joyous occasion marks the culmination of their secret wedding in Las Vegas and Anne-Marie’s long-awaited journey into motherhood.

The couple’s secret wedding took place during a break from Anne-Marie’s tour, with the ceremony held in Las Vegas, a city known for its vibrant and unconventional wedding chapels. This secretive union was revealed only after the birth of their daughter, adding a layer of intrigue to their relationship.

Anne-Marie and Slowthai's First Time with Newborn Daughter
Anne-Marie and Slowthai’s First Time with Newborn Daughter

Anne-Marie, who has always wanted to be a mother, was absolutely delighted with the birth of her daughter, whom she named Seven in tribute to her favorite number. The number seven holds a special significance for Anne-Marie, as she sees it as her angel number and has it tattooed on her.

The family-of-three was spotted out in London, where both parents were seen to be in high spirits, enjoying their time with their newborn. Anne-Marie, known for her trendy style, was seen in a casual yet comfortable outfit, combining an oversized checked shirt with Adidas tracksuit bottoms, while Slowthai opted for a similarly baggy look. Their outing was filled with tender moments, as they shared laughter and affection, showcasing the joy and love they have for their daughter.

Slowthai, who has faced legal challenges, including a trial for two charges of rape, was seen to be very protective and caring towards his daughter. He was seen cradling Seven and planting gentle kisses on her head, further emphasizing his role as a devoted father. Despite the legal issues he is facing, Slowthai has maintained a strong support system, including his family and fans, who have rallied behind him.

Anne-Marie and husband Slowthai spotted with newborn baby after ...
Anne-Marie and husband Slowthai spotted with newborn baby after … (TheSun)

Anne-Marie’s decision to support Slowthai through his legal troubles has been a source of concern for some, fearing it could impact her image. However, those close to the couple have reassured that they are very happy together and that Anne-Marie’s support for Slowthai is unwavering.

The couple’s journey into parenthood, marked by a secret wedding and a kept pregnancy, has been a whirlwind of emotions and challenges. Yet, their love for each other and their daughter, Seven, shines through, making this a special and memorable time for them.

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