Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey & Boyfriend James Ellis Grab Dinner Together!


Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey & Boyfriend James Ellis Grab Dinner Together! – Jonathan Bailey, who you likely know as Anthony Bridgerton in the Netflix series Bridgerton, and his boyfriend, James Ellis, look so cute together in these new photos!

The photos – taken recently at a restaurant in the Notting Hill section of London, England – depict some cute moments. It looks like at one point, Jonathan tried to grab the check from James, but it looks like James was intending to pay!

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey & Boyfriend James Ellis Grab Dinner Together

Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey & Boyfriend James Ellis Grab Dinner Together!

At another point, it looked like some fans went up to Jonathan to say hello. Jonathan and James looked very welcoming in that moment!

If you’re a fan of Jonathan‘s and have been following his career, you may recognize James. Jonathan took James as his date to the 2019 Olivier Awards, where he won an award for his work in the West End production of Company.

If you scroll to 1:37 of this video, you’ll see them kiss after he is announced the winner!

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Unfortunately, there’s some bad news for Bridgerton fans.

If you missed it, Jonathan previously spoke out about being an openly working gay actor.

Jonathan Bailey’s Relationship with His Ex-Girlfriend

Jonathan Bailey is gay, which may surprise those who only know him from the Netflix miniseries Viscount Bridgerton. Because his character is straightforward in the story, this is the case. In the upcoming second season, Simone Ashley Kate Sharma on S3x Education will play the viscount’s new love interest.

Bailey has been openly gay since 2018, and he recently discussed what it was like to play a heteros3xual role on television as a gay actor. “I don’t believe it should matter what character individuals play,” he told Digital Spy in 2020, “but there is an absolutely evident narrative, that out homos3xual males aren’t acting straight in leading roles.”

Bailey, like many other LGBTQ artists, took time to come to terms with his s3xuality in a culture that doesn’t accept it, and then to live his truth openly despite the challenges he knew he’d face as a result of his s3xuality.

How old is Jonathon and where is he from?

Jonathan was born on 25 April 1988, making him 33 years old. He is originally from Benson in Oxfordshire.

The regency era star is the youngest and only boy of four children. His dad, Stuart, is the former managing director of Rowse Honey.

He shared that he knew he wanted to become an actor from the age of five after seeing a stage production of Oliver!

Jonathan began taking ballet lessons and took on an alternating role in the 1995 Royal Shakespeare Company production of A Christmas Carol two years later.

After finishing secondary school, he deferred his acceptance to the Open University in favour of working as an actor full-time.

When did Jonathon get his big break?

Jonathan’s first television project was back in 1997 where he played William Kilshaw in an episode of Bramwell.

In the same year he starred as Ben Devenish in the TV film Bright Hair.

His big break came as he took on the role of Viscount Anthony Bridgerton in the first season of the Netflix hit.

When did Jonathon come out?

Jonathan has said that he’s never hidden his s3xuality but he also wasn’t always honest about being gay.

Bridgerton's Jonathan Bailey & Boyfriend James Ellis Grab Dinner Together

Jonathan Bailey and James Ellis at the 2019 Olivier Awards

He told Sir Ian McKellen in 2020 that he was coming to terms with it as he explained that there was a sense of shame among gay men in the entertainment industry.

The talented actor has also shared that he at one time thought he needed to be straight to be happy.

However, he reached a point that he knew he wanted to be able to hold his boyfriend’s hand in public or put his face on Tinder without fearing he would lose out on acting roles.

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