CCTV images show ‘murdered chef’ Carlo Giannini was in park – It is six months since Italian national Carlo was found dead in Manor Fields Park in Sheffield.

The 34-year-old chef, described by his family as being ‘full of life’, died from a stab wound

It’s believed Carlo entered the park shortly after 1am on the morning of May 12 but his movements up until his death are unknown.

CCTV images show 'murdered chef' Carlo Giannini was in park four hours before body found
The 34-year-old’s murder is still being investigated after six months

CCTV images show ‘murdered chef’ Carlo Giannini was in park four hours before body found

Six months of investigations, CCTV trawls, witness appeals and evidence gathering are yet to identify what happened that morning, and how he came to receive that stab wound.

His family have now made a plea from their home in Italy to help find answers after being left with “a piece of them missing”.

They have provided two new images of Carlo to go with their plea – one showing them enjoying a family meal.

Family photo

They said: “Carlo has a family whose heart has been broken and left with a piece of them missing.

“Carlo was a man full of life and with a lot of passion for his work. He loved his family, he loved life, he loved his friends. He believed and trusted people who showed him love and wanted to change his life with his work.

“Carlo deserves to rest in peace and, along with justice, this is the minimum we can give to him after his life was taken from him. Because no-one has the right to kill.”

Senior Investigating Officer, DCI Becky Hodgman, said: “It’s still absolutely essential we build up a clear picture of the activity in and around the park on the morning of 12 May.

“Somebody out there knows something that will help the Giannini family get some answers. This is your chance to come forward and help them.”

So far, two people have been arrested in connection with Mr Giannini’s death, both on suspicion of murder. A 17-year-old boy will face no further action, and an 18-year-old man remains on bail.

And the Giannini family added: “If anyone saw something on the night between 11 and 12 May 2022 please go to the police.

“It might help give Carlo some dignity.”

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