It may seem counterintuitive, but if you’re attempting to achieve a no-makeup look, then a primer isn’t just an extra layer to add on. It actually could be the key to achieving fresh, dewy skin that looks more natural. Smashbox Cosmetics artist Lori Taylor Davis confirmed to Fashion magazine that layering primer is an important part of achieving a no-makeup look, noting, “Primer in and of itself gets a [bad] rap where it’s seen as heavier, or an extra layer, but primer is made to be combined to create a perfect finish.”

Taylor typically uses three different types of primer, clarifying that it’s essential to make sure your primer is dry before continuing with your routine. “Don’t throw things on and try to get your skin to absorb them all at one time. Apply a sheer layer, give it a second, and apply another,” she explained. Taylor added, “We tend to want to cover our skin up so much [with foundation] when it’s not at its best, when really it just needs more love.” After your primers dry, feel free to continue with your makeup routine as normal.  

Post source: The List

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