A vampire breast lift has been circulating in the plastic surgery realm for a while now. This type of lift is a non-surgical procedure that provides fuller, firmer breasts without the pain, surgery, and side effects of a regular boob job. According to Rejuvenation MD, the vampire breast lift is safer and more budget-friendly, as it uses your own blood and platelet-rich plasma to produce collagen and give you a fuller look. The “Fat Vampire” breast augmentation takes things a step further.

Using the same initial methods as the vampire breast lift, the “fat vampire” version enhances it by taking your own unwanted body fat and putting it into your breasts. According to board-certified plastic surgeon Ritu Chopra, MD, the first step is liposuction to extract the fat, usually from places like your stomach, arms, or thighs. That fat is then combined with your platelet-rich plasma and injected into your breasts (via PopSugar).

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