Though tearoom owner Edmund Fry was once proud to teach Meghan Markle the ways of a proper English tea, he now disapproves of both the duchess and Prince Harry following their exit from royal life and their subsequent media and book projects. He gave an exclusive interview to The Sun in which he declared that he was appalled by the Sussexes’ choices. “If you look at the choices that [King] Charles has made, he’s done a tremendous amount of things with British youth and he’s very much of an environmentalist,” Fry told the outlet. By contrast, he claimed the public is very put off by Harry and Meghan’s accusations made against family members, as well as their apparent lack of charity work in British territories.

The Rose Tree Cottage may be California-based, but its clientele is most decidedly Anglophiles — and palace loyalists, at that. Fry explained to the tabloid that his customers “do not even mention Harry and Meghan … And you couldn’t give a book away on Meghan anymore. Not here.” Still, Fry did allow that it’s “wonderful” the Sussexes are now free to live their own lives, though he hopes they’ll use their money to help the less fortunate. He even foresaw an eventual reuniting between Prince Harry and his family. “I think eventually it all come back and things will settle down,” he predicted. If and when that happens, at least we know Meghan will be able to hold her own at royal teatimes.

Post source: The List

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