Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women's Strength Compared To Men
  • Saucy Santana, the popular rapper, recently made comments about women’s strength compared to men that sparked controversy and required clarification.
  • These comments were interpreted by some as dismissive or demeaning towards men, leading to backlash and criticism on social media.
  • Santana later took to Instagram to clarify and expand on his remarks, stating that he was not trying to diminish or disrespect men, but rather celebrate the strength and capabilities of women.
  • He explained that his intention was to empower women and highlight their resilience, not to suggest that men are inferior or weaker.

Rashad Jamiyl Spain, better known by his stage name Saucy Santana, is an American rapper born on October 8, 1993. Originally from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Santana moved to Perry, Florida, at the age of 10.

He is of Afro-Dominican descent through his grandmother. Before embarking on his music career, Santana worked as a makeup artist for the hip-hop duo City Girls. His journey into music began in February 2019 with the release of his debut single “Walk Em Like A Dog.” Santana gained further recognition through his appearances on the reality television show Love & Hip Hop: Miami.

Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women's Strength Compared To Men
Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women’s Strength Compared To Men

Santana’s music career took off when his singles “Walk” and “Here We Go” became viral sensations on TikTok in 2021. This success paved the way for the release of his song “Material Girl,” which later received a remix titled “Material Gworrllllllll!” featuring Madonna. Santana’s music is characterized by its blend of hip hop and gangsta rap, and he has been active in the industry since 2019. He has released music under Arena Music and RCA labels.

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Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women’s Strength Compared To Men

Recently, a rapper known as Saucy Santana became a target of discussion in society after shooting his mouth off about women being far superior to men. Thus, Santana wanted to bolster his stand with the help of interviews and posts on social media accounts to be heavily castigated.

This muffled the voices of black women, first, Santana pointed out that women are not as strong as men and this statement enraged many social media users. Some entertained the worst of imaginations and said that he was categorically wrong for propounding this environment which encouraged the practice of promulgating gender stereotype roles.

For this reason, Santana came up with a video response aimed at letting everyone know what he meant given that the message was eliciting much controversy. as he was conducting the video, he noted that there are women out there who are stronger than him both physically and psychologically. He also stated that, from the time, he did not think of all women as dumb or that they were inferior to men.

Santana tried to tone down the remarks by explaining that he was raised around girls and so, he has a perception of the fact that females are different from males. He was able to point out that girls are taught to be more caring than boys and to be more submissive, and such things make them appear to be weaker than boys. However, at the same point in time, he pointed out that this does not mean that women are biologically weak or inferior to men.

He also wanted to clarify that he did not use the word ‘ho’ to refer to all women as many of the listeners seemed to take it. He added that many beautiful and talented women can accomplish much, and he apologized for any utterances that may have offended them.

Saucy Santana Music Career Revealed

Saucy Santana whose real name is Rashad Jamiyl Spain is an American rapper who was born on the 8th of October 1993 in Bridgeport Connecticut though he was raised in Perry county Florida. After a few years studying makeup artistry, he got his start with City Girls which is an American hip-hop duo, and in 2019, he entered the music industry.

Santana’s music career began with the release of the song titled “Walk Em Like a Dog” which premiered on August 23, 2019/ This saw him introduce an ‘EP’ dubbed “Dog Walkers” which was released in September 2019; he soon followed this by releasing his ‘first mixtape’ known as “Imma Celebrity” in January 2020. His early style was characterized by lyrics with a rather edgy, profane tone and occasional influences of more pop music paeans which seemed to find some favour with the crowd that helped him build quite a significant following across the different social media worlds of TikTok and Instagram.

Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women's Strength Compared To Men
Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women’s Strength Compared To Men

In 2020, he released his second mixtape “Pretty Little Gangsta” which boasts songs like “Up & Down” and “Back It Up” and shaped Santana’s journey in the music industry even more. His song released in the year 2020 called “Walk” gained massive recognition in 2021 after being used in the trending hashtag #WalkChallenge on a social media platform called TikTok, and his song got an endorsement from a famous American rapper popularly known as Nicki Minaj.

His subsequent releases such as “Here We Go” and “Material Girl” also went viral on the TikTok platform and he was endorsed by Madonna, who added both songs to her set list at the New York City Pride in August 2022. This partnership resulted in a 2022 single dubbed “Material Girl!” which helped affirm his destiny to be a shinning star in the music market.

Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women's Strength Compared To Men
Saucy Santana Clarifies Comment On Women’s Strength Compared To Men

On December 10, 2021, Santana came through with his debut studio album titled “Keep It Playa” which comprises the tracklist with the song “Shisha” as the first time recording a verse with the female rap duo City Girls. The album was classy, complex, and expressive and, demonstrated that He has direction in his musical career and how he can fuse different types of music.

Santana’s career in music seems to be defined by some of the most unapologetic approaches any artist would ever employ. He has never hidden facets of his life where bigotry has reared its ugly head at him, and he also practices the embracing of one’s queerness. With his albums, he has received a constant warm response from his fans from different parts of the world and has been seen as a popular hip-hop/pop artist.

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