Who Is Simone Starr Australia? Wikipedia Age and Net Worth

Who Is Simone Starr Australia? Wikipedia Age, Net Worth and 10 Fun Facts About Her – Life is full of uncertainties. Penthouse’s pet Simone Starr’s life is too a mixture of such uncertainties, that we have been listening to throughout the years. Starr, who was a private schoolgirl later turned into a penthouse pet, drug smuggler, and a swimsuit model.

Starr was a Penthouse Pet and b!kini model before she went to jail for smuggling meth. She also worked as a prostitute and international drug trafficker. In the late 90s and early 2000s, she became a prominent figure in Sydney’s underworld. Simone began drinking and using drugs heavily during her teenage years.

FMH once listed her as one of the 100 hottest women in the world. After meeting her then-boyfriend, Brett Boyd, Starr gave up sex work. She fled to the United States after a parcel bomb blew up in Boyd’s face in North Shore. Brett committed suicide in the year 2008.

Who Is Simone Starr?

Simone was arrested in 2009 for smuggling methamphetamine and was sentenced to six and a half years in jail. She was placed at the Dillwaynia Women’s Prison and later at the Metropolitan Remand and Reception Center, Silverwater, Western Sydney, Australia. Starr gained parole in 2019 and moved to the eastern suburbs, reports Daily Mail.


She found love with a former female prison guard, Britt Young, years after they met in jail. Britt consoled Simone in prison after an intensive rehabilitation session. The couple began dating years later and after Britt left her job. The pair are living a blissful life in Sydney.

Is Simone Starr On Wikipedia?

Simone is not on Wikipedia, but one can read about her on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

She was popular for her modeling carer as well as the parcel bomb case. Starr’s mother introduced her to sex work when she was just a teenager.

What Is Simone Starr Age?

Starr’s current age might be in the early 50s, as she was 23 years old when she met Brett in the 1990s.

She was formerly known as Simone Cheung.


Simone Starr Net Worth Details Explored

Starr has not revealed the details of her personal life to the media. She left her former controversial life behind and has started a new life with her family.

The details about Simone Starr’s earnings have not been disclosed. As per News 24, she ended up studying while in prison and started a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services, and she majored in counseling. Simone currently works as a care and support worker for people with disabilities and the aged.

NameSimone Starr
ProfessionFormer Penthouse Pet Model, Swimsuit Model

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10 Fun Facts About Simone Starr

  1. The real name of Simone Starr, a former prostitute who lived as a high-escort, is Simone Cheung.
  2. Both her dad and mom served as a prostitute, which was not her acknowledgement for a long time. Her mother dated Australia’s nightclub owner John Ibrahim’s older brother Sam, who was known as Brutal Bikkie Boss.
  3. Simone Starr was a target of a parcel bomb, which took her boyfriend’s facial appearance away.
  4. Starr previously dated a personal trainer Brett Boyd, who was the victim of a parcel bomb. The incident dates back to 1998 when Boyd received a parcel with an explosive device in a shoebox at his Belrose home. The bomb detonated and blew part of his face, one eye, and thumb as well. He later committed suicide in 2008.
  5. The former President of Foxtel Television Shopping Network, Roberto de Heredia was alleged of planting the bomb. However, he found not guilty of the attempted murder.
  6. As per Starr’s writings, her relationship with her late boyfriend turned ‘toxic’ and ‘unstable’ from a soothing environment. They were addicted to cocaine and she wrote that their life was, ‘Hectic by nature. Ruthless in his ways. I ended up very much in a Bonnie and Clyde reality’ in a letter published in the book Hate Mail.
  7. As Starr’s involvement in drug smuggling was acknowledged, she was arrested by the authorities. She got released in July 2019 after being jailed for seven years in prison.
  8. She appeared on Seven’s Sunday Night and opened about her past life and incidents. She talked with the host Alex Cullen and stated that she never wants to be the same person she was before, a prostitute and a penthouse pet model.
  9. Simone Starr uses social media platforms like Facebook and has over 1.5k followers on her Facebook page.
  10. As a singer-songwriter, Starr is represented by Dj/Producer D.O.N.S and is signed with Kingdom Kome Cuts Hamburg GERMANY.


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