Decadent, delicious — and positively drowning in posh booze, from pink champagne to craft gin. If you thought Easter eggs were just for children, this year’s offerings are strictly adults-only, and all the better for it.

That’s not just because of the alcohol content. These come from artisan chocolatiers and are made from the finest chocolate.

They (probably) won’t get you drunk, but they will certainly add a little fizz to Easter Sunday. SARAH RAINEY puts the booziest eggs to the test . . .


Hepple Gin Truffles Easter Egg, £14 (

Hepple Gin Truffles Easter Egg, £14 (

Hepple Gin Truffles Easter Egg, £14 (

THE EGG: Gorgeous egg decorated with gold and black ‘paint’ splatters. The flavours are really unusual: velvety milk chocolate infused with juniper berries, which give it a zingy, citrussy aftertaste.

BOOZE LEVEL: As it’s handmade, there’s no precise percentage listed, but the balance of gin to chocolate is perfect: flavoursome, subtle and gently warming.

VERDICT: Sophisticated and scrumptious: pair with a G&T. 5/5


Booja-Booja Fine de Champagne Truffle Egg, £30 (

THE EGG: This pretty ornamental egg is made and hand-painted by artists in Kashmir, India, and filled with organic, gluten- and dairy-free champagne chocolate truffles. I’m a little disappointed there isn’t a chocolate egg, but the keepsake velvet-lined box is stunning.

BOOZE LEVEL: Five per cent champagne. Little cubes of cocoa-dusted deliciousness, these truffles pack a punch. They melt in the mouth, bursting with creamy ganache — I could scoff the lot.

VERDICT: Decadent and moreish, with an egg I’ll keep forever. 5/5


Deluxe Pink Gin White Chocolate Marbled Egg, £6.99 (

THE EGG: More modern sculpture than an Easter egg, it has a gorgeous pink-and-white marbled exterior and comes in an expensive-looking box. Sadly, the egg — flavoured with eclectic extracts of radish, blackcurrant and apple — is thin and contains no treats.

BOOZE LEVEL: ‘Natural pink gin flavouring’ low on the list of ingredients, and you can tell. There’s only the faintest hint of alcohol — more like berries than booze.

VERDICT: A let-down as it contains no actual gin. 2/5


Salcombe Dairy Rum and Raisin Evening Star Egg, £22.50 (

Salcombe Dairy Rum and Raisin Evening Star Egg, £22.50 (

Salcombe Dairy Rum and Raisin Evening Star Egg, £22.50 (

THE EGG: A slightly darker milk egg, it’s studded with rum-soaked raisins in a modern design. The chocolate is thinner than I’d hoped but the egg is enormous.

BOOZE LEVEL: There’s only 4 per cent rum but it tastes so alcoholic I feel a little light-headed. If you like your rum strong, this is for you.

VERDICT: Extremely boozy — but extremely delicious. 4/5


Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg, £30 (

Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg, £30 (

Extra Thick Champagne Easter Egg, £30 (

THE EGG: The ultimate Easter treat, this is half milk chocolate and half ‘strawberry fusion’ (a blend of white, milk and strawberry-infused chocolate). Inside is a lavish selection of truffles: some milk chocolate champagne and others pink champagne.

BOOZE LEVEL: I can’t taste the booze in the pink truffles, but the milk chocolate ones are truly lovely: fizzy, tart and gooey inside.

VERDICT: An explosion of flavour, but a little on the sweet side. 3/5


Egg Royale Alcoholic Cream Liqueur, £29 (

A luxurious chocolate liqueur bottled inside a realistic-looking glass egg. It contains real cream, cocoa and vanilla and is designed to be served straight over ice or mixed into cocktails.

BOOZE LEVEL: It’s strong — 15 per cent ABV — but deliciously drinkable: sweet without being sickly.

Post source: Daily mail

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