Thanks to a combination of skill, rare unlockables, and luck, one Elden Ring player was able to take out Godrick the Grafted with impeccable grace.

While several Elden Ring players struggle to beat him, one player has shared a video of Godrick the Grafted getting absolutely demolished with one fell swoop. Godrick is only one of many challenging Elden Ring bosses, but he is one of the first major, story-relevant opponents that many players will face, making him one of the most memorable.

Players have a lot at their disposal when facing Elden Ring‘s multitudinous and challenging enemies. Aside from the sprawling list of diverse melee weapons, there are bows and crossbows, staves, and other fantastical, experimental tools. These weapons and strategies can be of great aid to fans taking on the game’s bosses– especially the bosses most pertinent to the main narrative of Elden Ring, as they tend to pose more of a threat. Godrick the Grafted is one of these bosses, as he is typically considered to be amongst Elden Ring‘s most terrifying characters thanks to his grotesque appearance, perverse beliefs, and brutal, unrelenting approach to combat.


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Reddit user Shaq_Oatmeal1920 doesn’t have much to worry about when it comes to Godrick, according to a recent video they shared to the Elden Ring subreddit. The video depicts the player character facing Godrick during his second phase, after he pulls the head from a nearby dragon corpse for use as a weapon. This second phase can be quite challenging, but Shaq_Oatmeal1920 simply backsteps a few of Godrick’s attacks before striking him with the Black Blade incantation, a powerful, late-game spell. The timing of this strike comes down to seconds, and the video uses slow motion to demonstrate how narrowly Shaq_Oatmeal1920 avoided death as they leapt to deliver the finishing blow.

Unlike the nerfed Starscourge Radahn, Godrick the Grafted is widely considered to be a very difficult early-game enemy, making this feat even more impressive. The fact that Shaq_Oatmeal1920 is able to wipe this menacing boss out with ease simply makes the sight even cooler, as the massive, magic sword coming down on Godrick is certainly flashy. The stylish win was also achieved with a bit of luck, as the leaping animation integrated into the Black Blade incantation allows Shaq_Oatmeal1920 to just barely avoid Godrick’s attacks.

Of course, it’s clear from this player’s use of the Black Blade incantation that this victory was claimed during a new game plus playthrough, which does make it just a bit less impressive. Still, the flair with which this enemy was dispatched is what makes the video interesting, rather than the simple matter of expedience or efficiency.

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Source: Shaq_Oatmeal1920/Reddit

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