Mike Berk has emerged as the biggest villain on Before the 90 Days season 5 and he’s done a lot to secure his position as the most disliked by fans.

Fans have universally turned on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Mike Berk, and it’s clear that he’s become the ultimate villain of season 5. Mike wasn’t always so vehemently disliked, but over time his on and off-show behavior has shown his true colors, and now the New York native is considered a pariah in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. There’s not much Mike can do now to change viewers’ minds about him, and he should prepare for rough times and extensive criticism.

The last few episodes of season 5 have been the most shocking in Mike and Ximena Morales’ storyline. After Ximena told Mike that their relationship was over and she no longer loved him, good Mike turned into bad Mike, and he ran off cursing his ex-fiancé. But the drama didn’t end there. Mike demanded to spend the night in Ximena’s apartment and then proceeded to insult Ximena and her past as a cam girl while claiming she was throwing away the best thing that had ever happened to her. Viewers were stunned to see just how cruel and nasty Mike could be, and on social media, they’ve raked him over the coals. Mike feels so overwhelmed by the wave of criticism that he claims fans’ comments and messages are damaging to his mental health.


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Mike is now the season 5 cast member that fans drag the most online, and it’s partly due to the lies that he told at the beginning of the season. In early episodes, Mike said he met Ximena when he changed his dating app location to Colombia. However, he actually met Ximena when she was working as a cam girl. Mike was smitten and convinced Ximena to quit her adult modeling career and let him support her and her two boys financially. By lying, Mike completely reframed the context of their relationship. It turns out Ximena wasn’t using Mike, and she was doing exactly what he asked her to do. Their relationship was always transactional, and Mike was trading money for love and affection.

Mike Berk 90 Day Fiance Before the 90 Days

Mike also seems like even more of a villain because he had a tremendous fall from grace. There were a lot of Mikey fans in the early episodes who thought he was awkward but ultimately sympathetic. Viewers felt bad for him and his lack of dating experience, and there was instead a lot of suspicion about Ximena. But Mike did a lot to turn viewers against him. His offensive social media activity before the show didn’t help, and when his posts were uncovered, Mike lost a lot of fans. Mike’s behavior in the most recent episodes has been deplorable, and even his last remaining supporters had to admit Mike was problematic.

All the elements are in place to make him the biggest villain of the season in a way his castmates aren’t. There are other disliked cast members, but none have the combination of terrible attributes Mike has. Alina Kozhevnikova had a history of racist social media posts, but on the show, her behavior was relatively tame. Also, Gino Palazzolo shocked viewers by sending Jasmine’s nudes to an ex, but his social media activity has been pretty innocuous. Mike has offended viewers on both counts. His actions on and off the show have been slammed, and fans say he’s the worst of the bunch.

With all his offenses combined, Mike’s reputation is far worse than his season 5 castmates, and viewers are hoping he doesn’t return to the franchise. After everything he’s done on the show and everything fans have seen him do off the show, it’s no surprise that 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days star Mike is so despised.

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