‘Deadmanwalking’ replied: “They haven’t ‘recently realised’ that our grid would be unable to meet demand, they have known for decades what was coming as they have decommissioned power station after power station and made us even more reliant on top ups from European countries like Germany who use lignite fuelled power stations!”

‘Newyorklady’ commented: “It doesn’t matter what we do in this country to be green to save the planet, China, India, Pakistan, America are laughing at us because they are opening more and more polluting businesses, while we struggle to live.”

‘Doggypaws’ replied: “Yes and opening more and more coal mines whilst we bite our fingers wondering how we will keep the lights on when the wind stops blowing ! Farcical government with farcical policies!”

And the EU-style speed limiters also came under fire from Express.co.uk readers.

Post source: Express

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