Whilst it might be tempting to work around a small stain, this can get baked onto the oven glass after each use, making it more difficult to clean in the long run. Testing out an oven door cleaning hack using a dishwasher tablet she had seen posted on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman expressed that she was “so impressed” by it.

She wrote: “Well I’m so impressed with the tip I got from this group about cleaning oven doors with a dishwasher tablet. 

“I’ve tried everything else but thought I’d try this and my oven door is like new.

“I wish I’d taken before photos as I can’t believe how great it looks with minimal effort.”

Taking to the comments section, group members were eager to know more about the hack.

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Maree Edwards asked Gillian how to use a dishwasher tablet to clean the oven door glass and whether it “dissolves” the grease and grime.

Gillian Responded: “Yes it did! I just got the cheap tablets from Poundland, not the liquid one, and wet them with warm water. 

“I used the blue side and just rubbed it on in circles. It’s come up looking like new.”

Keen to try the hack for herself, one cleaning enthusiast shared her results of using this hack to clean her daughter’s oven door in the comments.

Posting a before and after picture, Dee Watts said: “This is my daughters oven door she just moved in and this is what she was greeted with, the bottom is just as bad.

“I used a dishwasher tablet with a Brillo pad for support as the tablet kept crumbling. But the door was done in about 15 minutes.”

Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group member Els Bloomfield was also a fan of the hack. She said: “I just tried it for the first time after cooking.

“I just broke a piece of a dishwasher tablet off, put it in my sink with warm water and wet a microfibre cloth. 

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“Then I used it gently over the glass door and found that it came up sparkling clean without hard work. Best I ever have done to clean the glass door, easy.”

As well as Mrs Hinch fans, Kathleen Bell, smol’s sustainable cleaning expert also recommended using this kitchen staple to clean oven doors.

She said: “Rather than buying a bunch of bulky new oven cleaners with harsh chemicals that are bound to sit in your cupboard for years, you can turn to something you’re likely to already have to hand and that costs next to nothing – a dishwasher tablet.

“First, pop on some washing up gloves and make sure your warm water is close to hand. Dip your dishwasher tablet in the warm water and scrub it directly on to the oven door.

“As you work across the door, continue to occasionally dip your dishwasher tablet back into the water. Then simply wipe clean.”

The expert also recommended dishwasher tablets be used to clean the rest of the oven. Kathleen said: “For the inside of the oven you may need another dishwasher tablet. Work your way around the oven, paying close attention to any particularly greasy patches. 

“Again, occasionally dip your dishwasher tablet back into the water as you go. When you’ve covered the whole oven, take a damp cloth and wipe away any residue.”

Express.co.uk found the cheapest dishwasher tablets can be picked up from Wilko, as a pack of 40 retails for £3 – this works out as 8p per tablet. However, they can also be purchased from local supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Post source: Express

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