The condensation in my conservatory can get quite bad, especially when there is a sudden change in temperature. Due to conservatories being all glass, wiping and cleaning up condensation from all of the windows can be time-consuming and ultimately boring. To help make the process quicker, I use one of my favourite tools, the Vileda Windomatic Power.

Living with condensation can be horrible as it makes the air feel uncomfortable and cold, the opposite of what you want during the winter months.

If the condensation is only a small build-up, I tend to use a towel to wipe up the excess water. However, due to the sudden drop in temperature, I used my Vileda window vacuum because the condensation was quite bad.

I initially had purchased the handy tool to clean my windows with, and although it is great for that, it is game-changing for condensation issues.

It is also so simple to use, simply turn the switch on and glide it over the windows. It immediately picked up all the condensation and its flexible neck means it can be easily fitted into nooks and crannies.

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As well as vacuuming the windows, I also made sure to turn on my dehumidifier to help remove the excess moisture from the air. This is extremely important when it comes to ventilating the home, or drying wet clothing.

I purchased a dehumidifier from Argos after seeing lots of people online raving about how good they were. At £130, I knew this was a costly investment to make so would only keep it if it proved to be good.

On the website, the description reads: “Are things getting a bit steamy? Can’t kick condensation to the curb? The Challenge 10 litre dehumidifier will sort it.

“Turn it on first thing or just before you get some shut eye and let it get to work. The visible water level allows you to see how much liquid it’s removed, it can extract 10 litres of moisture per day.

“If you’ve got a long day ahead of you, or you simply forget, don’t panic. When the water tank is full, the auto shut-off function will stop any airflow.”

While this does help the air, it is also extremely important to open the windows when you can.  Although this can be hard when the weather is cold, even just 15 minutes a day will help to refresh the air. 

Mark Roland, Lead Engineer at Hometree, the boiler & home cover, explained: “Having your central heating on throughout the winter can cause condensation if ventilation is poor. Whilst most people tend to close their windows when the heating is on, this isn’t always ideal.”

According to the expert, a free flow of air is crucial. The boiler expert added: “If the heating is turned up really high and then turned off suddenly, moist air is more likely to build up. As dramatic temperature changes can make condensation worse, try adjusting the temperatures of your heating gradually – a couple of degrees every half an hour.

“Energy bills are always one of a homeowners biggest outgoings during the winter months, and whilst the above advice can contribute to higher energy usage, causing damage to your home with damp will cost you a lot more in the long run.”

Post source: Express

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