Beloved TV presenter Lorraine Kelly has been on our screens for decades and always looks fabulous.

However, last year she did undergo a massive weight loss transformation in which she lost 1.5st.

In November 2022, Lorraine took to Instagram to show how far she had come, in a paid partnership with WeightWatchers.

Posting two pictures, one of her tucking into a tasty pizza and the other wearing a slim-fit sparkly pink dress, she told fans how she managed to drop a whopping 21lbs.

She told the social media platform: “Wow I can’t believe both pictures are me!! I’ve dropped two dress sizes – I’ve lost a stone and a half – and the best part of all, I’m finding it easy to keep it off – all thanks to

“The WW program has helped me create and stick to healthy habits. The app helps me track what I’m eating, how much sleep I’m getting and what exercise I’m doing, as well as making sure I drink enough water and giving me lots of delicious recipes to cook (or at least try haha!).

“I feel happier and healthier and I love sharing my experiences with the WW community.”

Back in February 2022, WeightWatchers posted a video where Lorraine explained why she joined the programme.

“My motivation for joining WW is really just to get happy and healthy.”

Lorraine explained that she had lost her way a little bit, comfort eating and missing her workout classes, and she was returning to WeightWatchers to get back to feeling her best. She revealed that she had taken part in it before and it “worked really, really well”.

Lorraine has also documented her WeightWatchers journey on Instagram. In March 2022 she told fans that she managed to drop 1st1lb in just seven weeks.

For those who are keen to emulate Lorraine and kickstart their own weight loss, the official WeightWatchers website reads: “Cookie-cutter programmes don’t cut it – customisation does.

“When you sign up, you’ll answer a few questions that help us determine your metabolic rate. Then we’ll tailor a food plan that ensures healthy, lasting, totally livable weight loss for you.

“Many programmes consider just calories. Our system takes it a step further, taking into account a food’s complex nutritional factors, like added sugars, fibre, protein, and saturated fats vs. unsaturated fats, to create a single number: the Points value. ⁣Points take the guesswork out of nutrition.”

Post source: Express

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