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The star of a New Year brings about plans to improve yourself and we’re all inspired to work hard and achieve something within the next 12 months. There’s no point in trying to succeed in a filthy house, so why not get your marigolds gloves and cleaning products out and scrub away the grime from last year? Express.co.uk chatted to Lynsey Queen of Clean to find out which jobs you should tackle to start the New Year properly.


At Christmas, the fridge is always full to the brim and it can become quite chaotic.

Lynsey said: “Your fridge has probably taken a bit of a batter over the festive period, with extra food and people going in and out, so give it a good clean and declutter.”

To start, check the dates on jars and sauces and if you know you won’t use them again get rid of them!

There’s no point wasting space and leaving food to rot in your fridge throughout January.


The same goes for your kitchen cabinets – give them some TLC!

Lynsey recommended checking the dates on the food packaging and getting rid of what you no longer want or need.

She also suggested “grouping foods together like by like,” which means taking everything out of the cupboards and sectioning them.

Keep your breads together, pastas together, snacks together, rice together, spices together- the list is endless!

Before you put everything back into the cupboards, don’t forget to sanitise the cupboards.

Lynsey said: “Clean over the cabinets and shelves using warm soapy water.”

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New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: The New Year is the perfect time for a deep clean of your house (Image: Getty)

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: Start with your fridge and cupboards (Image: Getty)


If you got lots of lovely presents for Christmas this year, you probably have no idea where to store them.

Lynsey said: “It is important that you sort through your Christmas gifts and make homes for them.”

Everything needs a designated space to avoid clutter building up, so now is the time to figure that out.

Washing machine and tumble dryer

Did you know your washing machine and tumble dryer both need to be cleaned a few times a year?

Yep, most people leave their machines to build up dirt and grime over the years and wonder why their clothes aren’t coming out clean.

Don’t worry, the job is fairly easy to do and Lynsey has broken it down step by step.

She said: “Refresh your washing machine and tumble dryer, the things that clean for you need some TLC.

“Run some soda crystals through your washer at the hottest temperature for a refresh, empty the filter and clean out the drawer of any build-up product.

“Ensure there is no fluff in your lit filter and rinse with warm soapy water and empty the main filter.”

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: You need to clean every inch of your washing machine (Image: Getty)

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: Your bins definitely need a thorough clean (Image: Getty)


Christmas is all about food, so you probably used your oven to whip up lots of sweet treats – and let’s not forget greasy roast dinner!

Lynsey said: “Give your oven that much needed deep clean in January because it would have worked overtime over the festive period.

“Give it a deep clean using an oven scraper to get rid of any built-up grease and grime.”

Most people start by taking out the racks and trays and leaving them to soak in soapy water while scrubbing the walls and door of the oven first.

You can use a store-bought oven cleaner to do the job or make your own cleaner with baking soda, water and vinegar, or just lemons and water.


Your bins are probably full to the brim at the moment, with gone-off food and lots of packaging piling up after being thrown away.

Lynsey said: “Clean and disinfect bins all the bins throughout the house.

“Wipe down and sanitise to optimise good hygiene standards.”

You could use any antibacterial spray and a liquid disinfectant to do the job.

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Behind furniture

We don’t have time to clean every inch of our homes weekly, so it’s probably a good time to tackle this job now.

The amount of rubbish, dirt and dust that falls behind and underneath furniture is shocking.

Lynsey said: “Move all your furniture one by one and thoroughly clean where they have been all year.”

Which cleaners you use depends on the floor you have.


Walls gather dirt and marks as much as floors do – just think about how often you touch the walls of your home!

Skirting boards are meant to protect the base of the wall from furniture scuffing it, but a lot of the time they collect dirt too.

Lynsey said: “Vacuum and clean the skirting boards before freshening up the walls using a gentle sugar soap solution.”

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: You need to clean your walls and tiles (Image: Getty)

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: Hoover your carpets and then use a carpet washer (Image: Getty)

Plug holes

There aren’t many things more disgusting than a plug hole filled with hair.

January is the time to check out your plug holes and deal with whatever is blocking them.

Lynsey said: “Clean your plug holes, check for blockages and clean using a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, white vinegar and water.”


Carpets may be cosy and act as a layer of insulation, but they can be filthy.

Lynsey said: “Clean your carpets by giving them a really good vacuum to start.

“Then use a carpet washer to refresh and bring them back to life.

“Air dry them by having the windows open rather than whacking the heating up.”


We’ve all been on the sofa a little more than we would have liked in 2020, so they’re bound to be more dirty and sunken than usual.

Lynsey said: “ Refresh your sofas with a good vacuum and then take all the cushions off and tackle any stains using an upholstery cleaner.”

Once you’ve done this, take off any removable cushion covers and pop these in the washing machine.

Let them dry and replace the newly cleaned covers to reveal a sofa that looks good as new!

New Year's Cleaning:

New Year’s Cleaning: You even need to clean your houseplants (Image: Getty)


Cobwebs creep up every winter and will stay there until you get rid of them yourself

Lynsey said: “Reach up high and tackle any cobwebs and light fittings.”

This job is super easy but has to be done because dusty light bulbs affect the brightness of your bulbs and cobwebs are unsightly.


If you’ve got lots of plants in and around your home, make an effort to really take care of them in 2021.

Did you know you’re supposed to clean them as well as water them?

Lynsey said: “Use a recycled make up brush to dust the leaves and clean your houseplant. Then, water as usual.”


Your blinds need to be cleaned inside and out, because nobody likes looking at a dirty window display.

Dust is also harmful to your respiratory health, so it is key to start the year by cleaning this part of your home.

Lynsey said: “Dust your blinds using a duty glove on an old white sock.”

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