Find out “Why Did Jessy Schram Leave Chicago Med In Season 6 & What Led To Her Return?” When the team behind “Chicago Med” made their effort to bring back Jessy Schram as a full-time cast member in Season 7, they had several reasons for doing so. For one thing, the showrunners believed that the storyline of Hannah as a character had the potential to continue beyond her initial departure. “She has gone through a long period of rehab recovery and we wanted to bring this character back on the other side, the other end of that process,” Andrew Schneider told TVLine. “It’s a continuing process, but [we wanted to see] a very different side of her, having gone through this.”

Another reason Hannah was brought back to “Chicago Med” was that the executives believed that having her return mid-way through Season 7 would be an exciting twist. This plotline also shook up the show’s status quo and provided a new challenge for Nick Gehlfuss’ Will. Producer Diane Frolov confirmed this fact to TVLine, stating that Hannah’s return gave the show’s writing team something to build on heading into a new season. “So it did both those two things: introducing a person that the audience knew but was excited about seeing and giving us the possibility of an ongoing story for next season,” Frolov said.

Why Did Jessy Schram Leave Chicago Med In Season 6 & What Led To Her Return?
Why Did Jessy Schram Leave Chicago Med In Season 6 & What Led To Her Return?

Of course, a bit of utility came with reintroducing Hannah to “Chicago Med,” as her medical specialties allow the writers more variety in terms of hospital storylines. “Having an OB-GYN specialist in the E.D. is always a good thing, and those stories have a lot of stakes when it involves childbirth,” Schneider noted.

Departure in Season 6: A Story Arc’s Conclusion

Schram’s exit at the end of Season 6 wasn’t entirely unexpected. Throughout her time on the show, Hannah battled a difficult struggle with heroin addiction. While there were moments of hope and progress, ultimately, her journey led to an accidental overdose and a decision to leave Chicago for Los Angeles to seek further treatment.

Possible Reasons for the Departure:

  • Character arc completion: Hannah’s addiction storyline had reached a turning point where her character needed to focus on recovery outside of the fast-paced hospital environment.
  • Actress availability: It’s possible that Schram had other acting commitments or desired a break from the demanding schedule of a network medical drama.
  • Creative decision: The showrunners might have felt that Hannah’s story had run its course and wanted to introduce new characters and storylines.

A Shocking Return: Dr. Asher is Back!

Much to the delight of fans, Dr. Asher made a dramatic comeback in Season 7, Episode 16. Now two years sober and working as an OB-GYN in the emergency department, her return presented a welcome twist for viewers.

What Brought Hannah Back?

  • Character development: Showing Hannah’s journey to recovery and becoming a successful doctor further enriched her character arc.
  • Actress availability: Perhaps Schram’s schedule opened up, allowing her to return to the show.
  • Creative opportunity: The writers might have seen an opportunity to reintroduce a popular character and explore new dynamics and storylines.

Beyond the Reasons: The Impact of Jessy Schram’s Departure and Return

Schram’s departure and return sparked discussions among fans and highlighted several important aspects:

  • Addiction as a complex journey: Hannah’s story resonated with viewers who felt represented by her struggles and triumphs in recovery.
  • Character development matters: Showing Hannah’s personal and professional growth after leaving showcased the power of positive change.
  • Second chances for characters and actors: Hannah’s return demonstrated the flexibility of storytelling and the possibility of redemption and new beginnings.

While the exact reasons behind Schram’s departure and return may never be fully known, one thing is certain: Dr. Hannah Asher’s story continues to intrigue and inspire viewers on Chicago Med.

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