Speculations about the possible return of the popular mobile game Battlegrounds Mobile India, formerly known as PUBG Mobile, have been circulating among gaming enthusiasts in India. Recent reports suggest that the game’s ban imposed by the Indian government might soon be lifted, and the game could be back in action soon. According to sources, KRAFTON, the South Korean game developer that owns the game, has not revealed any official dates for the game’s unban. However, there are reports that the government will review the game again after three months of its relaunch to ensure that the necessary changes have been made to comply with Indian laws and regulations. BGMI is coming back, unban date is revealed by Krafton here are all details.

The gaming community in India is eagerly waiting for the official announcement from KRAFTON regarding the game’s unban date. The game’s return will undoubtedly bring back excitement and thrill among the players, and they can’t wait to experience the new and improved version of the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile’s most recent unban leaks in India

The gaming community in India is eagerly waiting for any news related to the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The game’s fans have been eagerly anticipating the game’s comeback after the Indian government banned it last year due to security concerns. Several content creators have been speculating about the possible return of the game, and recent reports have fueled the excitement even further. A News18 report has provided a major update on the game’s potential unban. 

According to the report, a decision has been made to lift the ban on BGMI, with certain changes to comply with Indian laws and regulations. However, the government will closely monitor the game for at least three months before giving it a final approval. This means that fans of the game will have to wait a little longer before they can finally start playing BGMI again. Nevertheless, the news of the game’s potential unban has brought back the excitement and enthusiasm among the players, and they can’t wait to get back into the game.

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Has Krafton revealed the date of unban 

The anticipation surrounding the return of Battlegrounds Mobile India, popularly known as BGMI, has been steadily growing among gamers in India. Despite the recent rumors and reports suggesting a possible unban of the game, KRAFTON, the game’s developers, have not yet announced any official unban date. The wait for an official statement from either KRAFTON or the Indian government continues, and fans of the game are eager to hear any news on the game’s future. BGMI has been one of the most popular mobile battle royale titles in India, and its sudden ban last year had left fans disappointed. 

However, the recent reports and rumors about the game’s potential return have reignited the excitement among the players. Gamers across India are eagerly waiting to hear any official news on the game’s unban and can hardly wait to start playing BGMI again. Until then, fans will have to wait patiently for any updates from KRAFTON or the government.

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