British businessman, 46, describes kidnap hell after being beaten unconscious by masked men

Report British businessman, 46, describes kidnap hell after being beaten unconscious by masked men – Mark Langdon, a 46-year-old British businessman from Plymouth, Devon, found himself in a terrifying ordeal during a work trip to Brussels. The incident began when he was staying at the Condo Gardens in the Belgian capital, four days into his two-week trip. At 2 am on the fourth day, he was awakened by the sound of the front door unlocking.

Two masked men entered his apartment, armed with a knife, and immediately put it to his throat, silencing him with a finger over his mouth. They demanded to know where his money was, searching his room while he was blindfolded and tied with his hands behind his back. Despite his refusal to cooperate, they continued to punch him in the head, attempting to force him out of his apartment.

The men then took Langdon to the car park, throwing him into the back of his own car. They drove for about ten minutes before stopping, giving Langdon a chance to escape. He managed to free one hand and jumped out of the car, running towards the vehicle in an attempt to retrieve it. However, his pursuers caught up with him, and one of them struck him on the back of his head, causing him to fall unconscious.

Upon regaining consciousness, Langdon was found by a woman who asked if she should call the police. The police officers who arrived at the scene were shocked by the state of his head, which appeared as if it had been kicked like a football. Further medical examinations revealed that his head had been dislodged from his spine, and he had sustained a broken nose, fractured skull, and a broken arm.

Langdon’s experience has left him with severe physical and mental scars. He recalls numerous flashbacks of the incident, including one where he begged the men not to stab him. The trauma has significantly affected his mental state, leaving him anxious and fearful of staying in any accommodation alone.

He has expressed that he will never return to Belgium, feeling unsafe in the country he had visited three to four times before. Despite the area he was staying in being considered a bit dodgy, he felt that being in his apartment should have made him safe.

This harrowing account underscores the dangers of traveling alone, especially in areas known for their safety issues. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of staying vigilant and prepared for potential threats, even in places that are generally considered safe.

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