Drew Barrymore, 47, is one of the most liked and loved celebrities out there. So it’s a bit surprising to see her get slammed by her fans and followers on Instagram, but this happened, and now Drew Barrymore is crying. Over a window.

So, to put it succinctly, while one of her Instagram posts got her trolled, the other one has people fawning over her being the “purest”. Here goes it all…

First Up, Everyone Loves Drew Barrymore

Britney pantless with Drew Barrymore, Selena Gomez at wedding dance party
Instagram | Britney Spears

Barrymore has been one of the most likable Hollywood celebrities ever, and the fact that she was one of very few guests at Britney Spears‘ wedding, kinda proves that. Spears called Barrymore her “girl crush” and the actress responded in kind, posting some of Britney’s wedding pics on her own Instagram with the caption, “hat I learned from Ever After is that we must rescue ourselves and yet still want the fairy tale. And that’s exactly what Britney did! I couldn’t not be happier for her intrepid journey !!!!!!!”

Plus, her show is a hit, and she seems to have a ton of fun in it, as do guests. An excellent example is Drew’s latest post, of her with “Russian Doll” star Natasha Lyonne on “The Drew Barrymore Show” discussing backhanded compliments. Drew begins by saying how, very often, people come up to her and tell her “you’re so short.” Here reply, usually is, “I guess I am”. Lyonne steps in at this point and says another thing they love to say is “you are better looking in person” and Barrymore felt her when she concurred that many come up to her and say this to her “All. The. Time.”

Barrymore also said that while many think this is like an ice breaker, it’s more of a “confidence breaker.” Lyonne added, “It’s like them telling us you photograph terribly. Congratulations on your chosen profession. All your choices are wrong.”

Both the actresses agreed that while people may mean it as a compliment, it’s not one. So fans rushed in with their thoughts, commenting, “Maybe when people meet you in person, they can feel your aura and that’s why you seem better looking. People have a hard time describing how they feel when they finally meet you.❤️❤️”

Watch ’em both get a kick out of it all:

Drew Barrymore Wields A Hammer, Gets Backlash

Drew Barrymore gets slammed by Instagram

Recently, Barrymore acquired an apartment, and she seems to be taking a personal interest in redecorating it herself. But before the redecorating, it’s off the old, and Barrymore got to swinging the hammer. Bam went the tiles, and the cupboards, and everything she could swing at with gusto, with the accompaniment of grunts.

She wore safety glasses, the thickest denim we have ever seen, and was dressed for destruction. The Instagram video carried the caption, “Don’t mind me, I’m just having the time of my LIFE.”

While Bella Thorne commented “Loveee😂” other fans also agreed that it looked like a ton of fun. With comments like, “The demolitionist….lol …you rock …..I need your help on a few side jobs. I’m overbooked as it is….lol”

That said; some had an issue with it.

Wrote one Instagrammer, “I know you think it is an Instagramable moment 😢. I suggest that you recycle as much as possible… Destroy less. All this rubble goes to the landfill.”

Another Drew fan also commented, with some advice, “Drew I simply adore you but the demo is only done like that on reality TV shows. All those cabinets, tiles, etc could have been given to habitat for humanity. I hope you’re also renovating the room behind that wall, as everything is damaged on the other side.”

Watch, and decide:

Things Changed When She Cried Over A Window

Drew Barrymore gets slammed by Instagram

The next post was of her breaking some more stuff, but this time, she broke some drywall to reveal a window outside, and then got emotional over it. Once she pried off the drywall and opened the window, the actress endearingly bawled, “I knew there was a window here. I knew it, I knew it.”

Fans found this “This is the purest and most beautiful thing on the internet today.”

“This is low-key a metaphor for LIFE.”

“I’m crying with you! 😭 You literally found light. What a beautiful moment.”

So yeah, you can pry it open, but you cannot break it down, right, Instagram?

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