Flight Attendant Uncovers Secret of Plane's Small Black Triangle (1)

The small black triangle on the wall of an airplane cabin has been a subject of curiosity for many passengers. Henny Joyce Lim, a flight attendant for the Philippines-based airline Cebu Pacific, has shed light on the purpose behind these mysterious markings. In a TikTok video that has garnered significant attention, Lim explained that the black triangles are placed to indicate the best spots for passengers to view the wings of the aircraft clearly. This revelation was made in response to a question about the significance of these triangles, which have been observed by many passengers over the years.

Flight Attendant Uncovers Secret of Plane’s Small Black Triangle

Lim’s explanation highlighted two primary reasons for the presence of these triangles:

  1. Best View of the Wings: Passengers seated next to the triangles are positioned to get the best view of the wings. This is particularly beneficial for those who enjoy capturing window shots or videos, as it allows them to include the wings in their visual content.
  2. Flight Crew Indicators: For the flight crew, these triangles serve as indicators of the best vantage points for checking the wings, slats, and flaps outside the aircraft. This is crucial for maintenance and safety checks, ensuring that the aircraft is in optimal condition for the flight.

She said the stickers above the middle windows offer the best view of the wings for passengers and also let flight attendants know the 'best vantage points for the slats and flaps outside' if they need to check the wings

The black triangle markings are not just a decorative feature but serve a practical purpose, enhancing both the passenger experience and the operational efficiency of the flight crew. Lim’s TikTok video has not only provided insight into the significance of these triangles but also sparked discussions among passengers about the various symbols and markings found in airplane cabins.

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In addition to the black triangles, Lim has also shared information about other airplane symbols, such as the red and green lights on the wings and the tiny holes in airplane windows. She also revealed the reason why flight attendants sit on their hands during takeoff and landing, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a bracing position to minimize the risk of injury in the event of an emergency.

The black triangle markings are a testament to the attention to detail and operational efficiency that goes into the design and maintenance of airplanes. By providing clear guidance to both passengers and flight crew, these markings ensure that flights are conducted safely and efficiently, enhancing the overall travel experience for passengers.

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