Is Madzibaba Veshanduko Arrested For Wearing Yellow? Beaten Video: Social Media Reaction

Is Madzibaba Veshanduko Arrested For Wearing Yellow? Madzibaba Veshanduko, a Zimbabwean activist, was severely attacked and detained for further investigation. He was taking part in a demonstration against the administration.

The internet has been perplexed by the news of an activist being violently attacked by a police officer. The media has gone crazy over the horrible act of bodily assault.

Is Madzibaba Veshanduko Arrested For Wearing Yellow? Beaten Video: Social Media Reaction

People are raising concerns about the authorities, and the news has gone global. Madzibaba Veshanduko, an activist, was physically beaten and imprisoned by the police on March 17th.

Is Madzibaba Veshanduko Arrested For Wearing Yellow?

Yes, Madzibaba, a Zimbabwean activist, was detained for wearing yellow on the streets of Harare.

However, before the arrest, Madzibaba was viciously bitten on the back by police officers. At the moment, he is working for the “Citizens Coalition For Change.”

He was apprehended mid-morning on Thursday while dressed in CCC’s signature yellow shirts. Police also charged him with bodily assault on his legs and back after his detention.

One of the cops filed a complaint because he was dressed inappropriately. Furthermore, other sources indicate that Madzibaba is unable to walk as a result of the beating.

Madzibaba Veshanduko Beaten Video: Social Media Reaction

After the news of Madzibaba’s physical assault has surfaced on the internet, people are curious about the footage.

The video footage has been removed from the internet as a violation of privacy. However, there are multiple accounts of Twitter posting pictures of the victim’s body.

The global citizen of the world is expressing their disbelief all over social media. One of the Twitter users wrote, “we need to stop all this chaos and join hands with peace.”

While the Zimbabwean citizen is sharing the snap of photos on a large scale to put pressure on the central government. Since his arrest, no further details about the case have been disclosed on the media.

Madzibaba Veshanduko Biography Explored

Madzibaba has a lot of political clout in Zimbabwe. His growth agenda and proposal have gotten a lot of positive feedback.

As previously stated, the activist was an influential member of the Citizens Coalition For Change. Godfrey Karembera is his real name, and he is best known for his political moniker Madzibaba.

Madzibaba protested on the streets of Harare on March 17th by donning a yellow dress. The protest, however, did not go well, as he was severely battered and arrested.

The activist is currently on trial, and judges on both sides are working hard to reach a decision. The case’s anticipated outcome might arrive at any time.