One of Minecraft’s best features is the endless worlds that players can explore because it opens up infinite possibilities, but it also has a significant flaw there is no reliable way to mark locations or know exactly where you are. Fortunately, the coordinates system, which enables players to pinpoint their location within any Minecraft world, will help solve this problem.

Once you know how it works, the coordinates system in Minecraft is a fairly straightforward one to use. The player’s location is defined by three different coordinates, each of which differs from the others. If you need more information about Minecraft: How to turn on and use coordinates in the game then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

Minecraft: How to turn on and use coordinates in the game

Outside of these features, coordinates are the only way to properly keep track of locations. Maps can help players mark out the terrain they explore, and a compass can help them determine which direction is up. Maps and compasses don’t help players mark specific locations, whereas coordinates do, so coordinates are generally much more helpful.

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Knowing how to use coordinates will be crucial at some point while playing Minecraft, whether you need to locate the last place you died, want to determine the best level to mine a particular ore, or are attempting to locate your friend on a multiplayer server.

Depending on the version of Minecraft you are using, there are different ways to check your coordinates. No matter which platform they are using to play on, players can turn them on and off as they see fit. The Java Edition makes the process much easier and more intuitive than the Bedrock Edition does. Coordinates are always enabled by default in Minecraft: Java Edition, so the majority of players only need to press F3 while playing. The debug overlay will then appear after you do that, with your current coordinates visible on the left side of the screen.

Depending on the type of PC you’re using to play Java Edition, you might need to press Ctrl before pressing F3 to bring up the Debug menu with the coordinates. Players may need to try all of the options to determine which one works because some PCs may also require them to simultaneously press Fn and F3 or Alt, Fn, and F3. Press the same buttons you used to turn coordinates on to turn them off.

After learning how to activate coordinates, you’ll probably want to find out what each of the three coordinates denotes so you can effectively use them to find your way around the globe.


  • X-axis (longitude): Gives players their distance from the origin point to the east (positive) or west (negative). Players are however many blocks are displayed east from their original spawn when the X coordinate has a plus sign, and however many blocks are displayed west from spawn when there is a negative sign.
  • Y-axis (latitude): Gives players their distance from the origin point in the south (positive) or north (negative), respectively. Players are however many blocks shown south from spawn when the Y coordinate has a plus sign next to it, and however many blocks shown north from spawn when there is a negative sign.
  • Z-axis (elevation): Tells players how high or low they are.

The order in which players should read the coordinates in Minecraft is XZY, not XYZ, contrary to what most players would assume.

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