Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire

Report Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire – On March 22, 2024, a horrific incident unfolded at the Crocus City Hall concert venue near Moscow, Russia, when at least three gunmen, dressed in camouflage, opened fire on the crowd. This tragic event resulted in a massive blaze that engulfed the venue, leading to numerous casualties and injuries. The incident was reported by Sputnik, which detailed that the gunmen burst into the ground floor of the Crocus City Hall and began firing with automatic weapons. Following the initial shooting, the gunmen reportedly threw a grenade or an incendiary bomb, which ignited the fire. The attendees, in an attempt to escape the flames, lay on the ground for about 15-20 minutes before beginning to crawl out, with many successfully evacuating the scene.

A video grab show people evacuating the Crocus City Hall in the Russian capital

mass shooting in Moscow during a concert has left at least 15 dead and 50 wounded. Up to five people in camouflage opened fire at the Crocus City Hall, and at least 12 people are feared dead, according to reports. TASS news agency reported a blast and a fire in the building where the shooting took place at around 8pm local time.

Key Facts:

  • Twelve people feared dead as armed men in camouflage fired at concertgoers
  • The incident underscores the ongoing threat of terrorism and violence in public spaces, even in cities known for their cultural and entertainment offerings.
  • The use of camouflage by the attackers highlights the evolving tactics employed by terrorists, making it more challenging for security forces to identify and neutralize threats.
  • The immediate response from the authorities, including the evacuation of the venue and the implementation of security measures, demonstrates the city’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its residents and visitors.
  • The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and preparedness in the face of potential threats, both for individuals and for communities.

Pictured: Hundreds of people get up from their seats and head for the exits as gunshots are heard at the concert hall

The Russian Health Ministry confirmed that over 50 ambulances were dispatched to Krasnogorsk to provide medical care to the victims, with the number later increased to 70. Local authorities, including the Moscow Region governor Andrei Vorobyov, responded swiftly to the emergency, setting up an operational headquarters and directing all available resources to the scene. The Moscow Mayor also ordered authorities to provide all necessary assistance and expressed condolences to the relatives of the victims.

Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire
Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire

The attack occurred as crowds gathered for a concert by the Russian rock band Picnic, which can accommodate over 6,000 people. The venue was quickly evacuated, but there were concerns about potential casualties trapped by the blaze. Russian news outlets reported that the assailants threw explosives, triggering the massive fire, and that the concert hall was engulfed in black smoke. Videos posted on social media showed the chaos, with gunmen firing at point-blank range and the hall in flames.

Horror photos show a huge column of smoke filling the air around the Crocus Concert Hall

The incident came amidst a period of heightened tensions and warnings about potential attacks in Moscow. Earlier in the month, the US Embassy in Moscow issued a statement urging Americans to avoid crowded places in the Russian capital due to an imminent attack. This warning was echoed by several other Western embassies. The attack on the Crocus City Hall concert venue was a stark reminder of the ongoing security challenges faced by Russia and the world.

Russian officers standing outside the building on fire

In the aftermath of the attack, the Russian government and law enforcement agencies worked tirelessly to manage the situation, ensuring the safety of the remaining attendees and providing medical care to the injured. The incident underscored the importance of vigilance and preparedness in the face of potential threats, highlighting the need for continued efforts to enhance security measures and protect public safety.

Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire
Moscow Concert Hall Shooting: Camouflaged Gunmen Open Fire

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