Santino Marella may be known for his hilarious performances in the 2000s and 2010s, but these days the retired wrestler is embracing his role as the father of WWE’s next potential female star. Daughter of WWE, Arianna Grace, joined her former employer’s developmental brand, WWE NXT, in early 2022 after a brief stint in the independent space. Grace earned her first win in August, but was quickly sidelined in October with her knee injury and is still recovering.

But so far, Marella says his daughter continues to impress in WWE. On “The Dave Van Auken Show,” the longtime WWE star doubled down on her daughter’s confidence, claiming that one day she would be a co-star in the women’s division. “In a couple of years, she’ll be the frontrunner in the division,” Marella predicted, one-day pitting 14-time world champion Charlotte Flair against Ariana.

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Last summer on “Ric Flair’s Last Match,” Marella said she had “drank a few drinks” and told Charlotte that she had to wrestle with her daughter. I love your daughter, I love what she’s doing, we’re watching her.” The WWE Performance Center where young wrestlers train for ‘NXT’. “When I go to AEW or Impact or WWE, everyone is always commenting on my daughter and how she’s doing and they’re looking at her,” Marella said. “She’s very focused on herself. Everyone knows what she’s capable of, so everyone’s looking at her, so it’s a good guy.” It’s all up to her now.”

Santino said that although he has a good relationship with WWE, it would not be beneficial for the company to use him. “I’ve been looking for 2023, and I want to get back there and do something, even if it’s not anytime soon. He discovered that WWE did not renew Santino Marella’s brand for 2021, Scott stepped in and Impact Wrestling now owns Santino Marella’s brand.

The match between Lesnar and Angle was the culmination of his month-long storyline that began in late 2002 with the formation of the team His Angle. With his new manager Paul Heyman and amateur wrestler standouts Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, Team Angle formed to help the WWE Champion retain his title. According to Angle, Haas and Benjamin won the WWE Tag Team Championship in early 2003 and their play was top of the line for the long term.

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