The March release of Kitty Pryde in Marvel Snap did not go well. After playing her, a bug severely damaged the games, forcing Second Dinner to temporarily remove her. But she returned in the May 16 patch with a new effect. However, the majority of players use her to somehow win games. However, some Kitty Pryde tactics can instantly backfire.

One illustration of this can be found in a Reddit post made earlier this week by user Prawns3, in which their opponent played 10 different versions of Kitty Pryde. If you need more information about This collection of Marvel Snap plays that demonstrate how Kitty Pryde is easily upset, then read carefully, and don’t forget to share with your friends.

This collection of Marvel Snap plays demonstrates how Kitty Pryde is easily upset:

Those Kitty Prydes had a power range of two to eight and swarmed everywhere with a tonne of force. This occurred as a result of the Bar Sinister location’s automatic filling of the space with four copies of each card used there. And because Kitty Pryde could put herself back in the hand at the end of each turn, every time a copy of her was played in Bar Sinister, more copies of Kitty Pryde were added.

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But the user’s actions were brutal. Killmonger was used in the decisive turn, effectively eradicating all of the Kitty Pryde copies. Sunspot and a Ninja were the other two cards present; they are both one-cost cards. The user won in all of the locations with a commanding score of 6-0, 12-0, and 27-0 on Bar Sinister, Knowhere, and Shadowland, respectively. All of their opponent’s units were instantly destroyed.

In a clip shared by user NegativeSirahc, Kitty Pryde’s vulnerability was displayed in yet another play. Four Kitty Prydes, each with eight power, were used on the opponent’s side of the locations. The Cloning Vats location, where a duplicate of a card played there is added to the user’s hand, is the reason for this. After playing all four Kitty Prydes, the player’s final move was to play Shadow King, a card that wasn’t as well-known but had a lot of potentials to sabotage plays.

In the area where he is played, Shadow King reduces the power of cards to their base power. Two Shadow Kings were cloned and played in Cloning Vats and Grand Central with the aid of Arnim Zola, which killed the one Shadow King and summoned a duplicate of it in the Camp Lehigh location. All of the Kitty Pryde copies in those places turned into zero-power copies, helping the user win the battle.

In games, Kitty Pryde’s potential to be a devastating offensive force is undeniable. However, it is a weak card that can easily be destroyed or cause chaos. Additionally, relying on her to win games can occasionally backfire.

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