After a long-awaited week, Wind Breaker Chapter 448 has been released on Naver. The race will have the craziest comeback in the series, and it will be Jay who pulls it off. The guy from the last chapter who slipped on the sharp corner certainly did kill everyone with his speed. I got chills when I read it, and I have no doubt you will have it too. The spoilers are posted by @Youngboy18plus on Twitter and can be deleted at any time. So you can check them on that platform. In the meantime, we will give you a summary of what exactly happened in this chapter.

Spoilers, Raw Scans, and Summary of Wind Breaker Chapter 448

Let’s start as Wind Breaker Chapter 448 opening sequence shows us Dom remembering his training with Shelly’s dad. Dom is doing the leg press while Shelly’s dad keeps saying “Last one, last one.” In a funny way, the scene where Dom worked out his legs was funny. He continues to work out and run, only to puke afterward. He pushed himself harder and went faster in the race after recalling his training and the advice of Shelly’s father. Suddenly, Nagasa rushed past Dom and Harry with a horizontal Japanese bicycle technique.

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Nagasa vs Dom vs Harry vs Kenji

‘Annoying,’ Nagasa even says as he picks up the pace. But Dom once again catches him trying to race just beside him. Kenji of the Kazuma team rushed ahead of Harry, who was close behind. Harry began attempting to push him off by swerving his bike to the left and right in a Sprint dance. Harry, while riding the bicycle, even tried to use his strength to push Nagasa. I have to say, this guy is really a beast. His and monster one on one would be a great event.

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A wounded beast is more dangerous

The group quickly became agitated by Harry’s constant trash-talking. The four of them have started talking trash to one another and pushing themselves to their limits in an effort to come out on top. Dom’s blackout symptoms increased, yet he continued to push himself. From here the art goes black and white like in manga showing more emotion for the four of them to come out on top.

Many of you must have heard the phrase, a wounded lion is more dangerous. And suddenly, like a shot from a gun, Jay shot ahead of the pack and left his competitors in disbelief. The race fans just can’t believe what they’re seeing. Jay, whose forehead is bleeding, speeds up the bike and takes the lead. And that marks the end of this chapter. We can probably expect that Kaneshiro might also join Jay in the next chapter. Follow Sportslumo as we will also bring you the spoilers for the next chapter.

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