Are Social Repose (Richie Giese) And Jaclyn Glenn Still Dating?

Find Out ”Are Social Repose (Richie Giese) And Jaclyn Glenn Still Dating?” Social Repose, whose real name is Richie Giese, has found himself entangled in rumors of infidelity, leaving fans curious about the marital status of his wife, Jaclyn Glenn.

Richie Giese is a singer-songwriter and YouTuber who goes by the stage name Social Repose. He is renowned for his unique and often intricate stage attire and makeup.

On YouTube, he gained fame through his music and vlogs, which were complemented by his visually distinct appearance.

His signature looks included face paint, automatic wings, and a hat reminiscent of a Native American war bonnet. However, the use of a sacred Native American symbol in his attire sparked criticism and accusations of cultural appropriation.

Are Social Repose (Richie Giese) And Jaclyn Glenn Still Dating?
Are Social Repose (Richie Giese) And Jaclyn Glenn Still Dating? | Wikipedia

Cultural appropriation is a complex and sensitive issue, emphasizing the importance of understanding and respecting the cultural significance of various symbols and traditions.

Social Repose Wiki And Bio

Birth Name Richard Mclean Giese
Date of Birth February 9, 1990
Age 33
Profession Singer-songwriter and YouTube personality
Genres Electronic dance-pop
Albums and EPs Paradise (2011), More of the Same (2011), The Modern Age (2012), The Machine That Learned How to Love (2012), Reckless Closure (2013), Crazy Manic Love (2014), Just Let Me Go (2014), Covers (2015), Yalta (2015), Empress (2017), Calamity (2020)
Singles “Summertime Sadness” (Lana Del Rey cover) (2013), “I Can’t Sleep” (2015), “If You’re Thinking of Leaving, You Should.” (2015)
YouTube Channel Social Repose
YouTube Subscribers Over 1 million
TikTok Username @matriarchmothra
Net Worth Not available

Are Social Repose (Richie Giese) And Jaclyn Glenn Still Dating?

The cheating scandal involving Social Repose (Richie Giese) and his ex-girlfriend Jaclyn Glenn, as previously described, indeed sparked intense debate and discussion on YouTube and in online communities.

In response to the allegations and the public scrutiny he faced, Social Repose released an apology video. In this video, he admitted his actions, expressed remorse, and attributed his behavior to personal issues.

There were also allegations regarding the number of people he was dating, but it’s important to acknowledge that the full extent of his infidelity and the details of those relationships are likely private matters between the parties involved.

Accurate information regarding the number of people he was dating or involved with during the scandal may not be publicly available or confirmed. People’s reactions to Social Repose’s apology video varied widely.

Some viewers may have seen it as a genuine display of remorse and a willingness to take responsibility for his actions, while others may have viewed it as self-centered or insincere.

The public often holds differing opinions on such issues, and responses to apology videos and personal scandals can be intricate and subjective.

Social Repose Relationship Timeline

In 2016, Jaclyn Glenn began dating Social Repose. They appeared together in several videos and even created a wedding video, although they never officially married.

However, their relationship came to an end in November 2017. Jaclyn posted a video in which she alleged that Social Repose had been unfaithful to her with other women.

Subsequently, he started a relationship with Ayalla. They shared numerous photos of themselves on social media, seemingly portraying a content and happy couple.

Yet, in 2019, Ayalla claimed that Social Repose was cheating on her with another woman, leading to a messy breakup.

Social Repose Family Life

Richie Giese, widely recognized as Social Repose, was born on May 20, 1990, in Cabin John, Maryland. From a young age, Richard Mclean Giese had a deep passion for music and the arts.

He later relocated to Washington, D.C., and in 2011, he founded Social Repose. Giese pursued his education at American University, majoring in film and media arts. This academic background played a pivotal role in shaping his career as a content creator and musician.

Social Repose’s YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers and has garnered more than 200 million views. On this platform, he shares music videos, vlogs, and various content related to his art and music. His channel is brimming with original and creative content that reflects his unique style.

As a musician, Social Repose creates music that fuses elements of rock, electronic, and pop genres. His music is distinguished by catchy hooks, vibrant visuals, and imaginative lyrics. In addition to his music, he also creates artwork to complement his musical creations, often showcasing it on his YouTube channel.

Social Repose made his debut as a musician in 2014 with the release of his first EP, “The Doctor’s Wife,” which featured six songs and helped him gain recognition in the music industry. He followed up with another EP titled “Yalta” in 2015.

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