Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery? Family In Details


Find out “Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?” Matt Doran, an Australian actor renowned for his performances as Damian Roberts in the Australian soap opera “Home and Away,” “Mouse” in the film “The Matrix,” and “Elan Sleazebaggano” in “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones.”

His birth took place on March 30, 1976, in Sydney, Australia. Beyond these iconic roles, Doran has graced various other television series and films with his talent. Married to Teri McPhillips, he is a proud father of one son.

Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?
Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Notably, he shares family ties with his brother, Mark Doran, and is the uncle of JD and Max Doran.

Matt Doran: Quick Facts Wiki/Bio

Fact Description
Full Name Matthew James Doran
Date of Birth March 30, 1976
Place of Birth Sydney, Australia
Occupation Television and film actor
Notable Roles – Damian Roberts in “Home and Away”
– “Mouse” in the film “The Matrix”
– “Elan Sleazebaggano” in “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones”
Family Married to Teri McPhillips, with whom he has one son
Other – Brother of Mark Doran and uncle of JD and Max Doran
– Host of Weekend Sunrise

Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Matt Doran’s weight loss journey has become a focal point of public interest. In 2022, he successfully shed 18 kilograms, a transformation credited to the guidance of celebrity nutritionist Sarah Di Lorenzo. This significant accomplishment underscores Doran’s dedication to personal health and well-being.

Beyond his physical health, Doran has been transparent about his mental health challenges. Following an interview with Adele in 2022, he opted to take a break and prioritize his mental well-being, emphasizing the crucial need to address mental health concerns.

Public concern heightened when Doran went missing during a work assignment, triggering a police search. Fortunately, he was located, and it was confirmed that no further police action was necessary. This incident shed light on the importance of mental health, particularly the pressures faced by individuals in the public eye.

Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?
Did Matt Doran Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Doran’s willingness to openly discuss personal challenges, including weight loss and mental health, serves as a reminder of the paramount importance of prioritizing both physical and mental well-being, irrespective of one’s public profile. His candid approach contributes to a broader conversation about health and resilience.

In essence, Matt Doran’s experiences with weight loss, mental health, and the challenges of public life offer valuable insights into the multifaceted nature of well-being. His openness on these topics resonates with many, fostering a meaningful dialogue about health and resilience.

Matt Doran Family In Details

Matt Doran, a distinguished Australian television and film actor, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. Beyond his professional achievements, he has been notably transparent about his personal life, particularly his family. Here are some key details about Matt Doran’s family:


In late 2021, Matt Doran joyfully announced a new chapter in his life by marrying his partner, Kendall Bora.


Matt Doran and Kendall Bora share the joy of parenting, blessed with one son.

Family Tragedy:

In 2021, Matt Doran shared with the public the poignant loss of his grandfather, underscoring the profound significance of family in shaping his life.


During a distressing incident when Matt Doran went missing, Kendall Bora, his wife and an executive producer for Channel Nine’s Today show, promptly left her work to join the search for her husband. This incident highlighted the strong support and concern within their family unit.

These details offer a glimpse into Matt Doran’s family life, illuminating significant moments and showcasing the unwavering support he receives from his loved ones.

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