Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Find Out “Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?” Born on August 10, 1964, Robert Crampton is a distinguished English journalist recognized for his role as a columnist and interviewer at The Times.

Known for his unique writing style, which skillfully combines showmanship with self-effacement, Crampton’s opinions carry the weight of being hard-won and thoroughly considered.

Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?
Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

His notable achievements include being shortlisted for “Columnist of the Year” at the 2002 British Press Awards and securing the title of “Interviewer of the Year” at the same prestigious event.

Crampton’s early life involved residence in various locations due to his parents’ political engagements. He received his education at Wolfreton School and Wadham College, Oxford. His father, Peter Crampton, formerly served as a Member of the European Parliament for Humberside.

In his personal life, Crampton is married to Nicola Almond, and together they have two children, Sam and Rachel.

Quick Facts To Know About Robert Crampton

Fact Information
Full Name Robert Crampton
Birthdate August 10, 1964
Birthplace Blackpool, England
Education Wolfreton School; Wadham College, Oxford
Occupation Journalist
Notable Works Beta Male, The Times
Awards Shortlisted, “Columnist of the year”, British Press Awards, 2002; Winner, “Interviewer of the year”, British Press Awards
Spouse Nicola Almond
Children Sam, Rachel
Parents Peter Crampton (father)
Relatives Former Member of the European Parliament for Humberside

Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

Robert Crampton, the acclaimed journalist at The Times, is renowned for his wit and wisdom showcased in his Beta Male column. Apart from his journalistic prowess, he has garnered attention for his well-documented weight loss journey.

Crampton’s journey commenced with a remarkable feat of shedding 8 pounds in just 8 weeks, a milestone he playfully dubbed as being a “diet guru! Thinspiration! Thinfluencer!” In an article for The Times, he disclosed his weight loss secret, sharing that he successfully lost 10 pounds within the same 8-week period.

Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?
Did Robert Crampton Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

In another piece, Crampton openly admitted his desire to remain attractive to women at the age of 58, prompting him to undergo a makeover. He humorously remarked that “there’s nothing like a few phwoars to keep a middle-aged man like me on a diet.”

While the search results don’t explicitly mention weight loss surgery, Crampton’s achievements and his candidness about his journey underscore his success in personal fitness endeavors. His articles and interviews portray his determination and resilience in sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Robert Crampton Net Worth In Details

Robert Crampton’s net worth is reportedly within the range of $800,000 to $5 million, as indicated by various sources. The award-winning journalist has made significant contributions to The Times, where he has excelled as a feature writer and interviewer.

In addition to his journalistic accomplishments, Crampton has authored several books, including “Beta Male” and “What’s The Point Of School?” These literary endeavors have further added to his financial success.

While his net worth may not rival that of some other celebrities, his prosperous career in journalism and writing undeniably forms the cornerstone of his wealth.

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