Jodi Rodgers Wikipedia: Who Is She? Learn About Bio And Job Of Love On The Spectrum Contestant


Jodi Rodgers Wikipedia: Who Is She? Jogi Rodgers is a licensed sexologist and counselor who has worked in a number of nations. She’s also known for her role in the upcoming Netflix series Love On The Spectrum.

The Netflix show “Love On The Spectrum” gives viewers a unique experience that has never been seen before. The show follows the romantic lives of a group of autistic young adults.

Jodi Rodgers Wikipedia: Who Is She? Learn About Bio And Job Of Love On The Spectrum Contestant

However, Jodi Rodgers, who is a relationship coach and counselor for autistic people in the show, is the main cause for the show’s success and wide audience.

She works with disabled young adults, assisting them in navigating their feelings and emotions. The show has a unique concept, therefore it’s no surprise that Jodi Rodger is the greatest coach for it.

People are getting emotional knowing about how autistic people are struggling to find perfect love in their life. On May 5, The ‘enews’ tweeted about the show mentioning that the first trailer of Love On The Spectrum will warm the viewers’ hearts. 


Jodi Rodgers Wikipedia: Who Is She? Bio Details

Jogi Rodgers is a qualified sexologist and counselor working in Australia and internationally. She has been providing counseling and training programs in the complex and not widely spoken area of sexuality through her knowledge and experience. 

Jodi provides counseling to people in the field of sexual health and relationship. She also provides counseling to people with disability. 

After being featured on the show “Love On The Spectrum,” Jodi’s personality and her work have been appreciated by a wide mass. 

Netizens were found posting Rodgers’ quote on Twitter. 

Jodi Rodgers is an Australian relationship coach. She was born in Australia. The coach had spent her childhood days with her parents and siblings. She currently lives in New South Wales, Australia.

Jodi has acquired her master’s degree in Sexual Health and possesses experience in counseling people in the field of sexuality and also working with disabled people for more than 30 years. 

In 2005, Jodi joined Autism Spectrum Australia and worked there for about 12 years. In 2015, she established her organization “Birds and Bees.”


How Old Is Jodi Rodgers Age?


Love On The Spectrum star Jodi Rodgers is estimated to be in her late 40s or early 50s. She is private regarding the details of her personal life. Hence the exact data was hard to extract. 

Jodi has been working for more than 35 years with people on the autism spectrum. After 25 years of working as an exceptional teacher and counselor in disability and sexuality, she has established Birds and Bees. 


Jodi Rodgers Job And Instagram

Jodi Rodgers is a sexologist and counselor at her own established organization “Birds and Bees.”

Jodi holds an Instagram account with the name jodirodgers

On April 13, 2022, Jodi shared a powerful post about diverse sexuality with the caption stating she loves her job where she can talk to people all day about sexuality and relationships and help them. 

Jodi’s Instagram posts are full of wise quotes and information about her work. She advocated for sexual education, diversity, and empathetic feelings towards autistic people through her Instagram posts. 

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