Josie Gibson Illness And Health 2023: Does TV Presenter Has A Cancer?

A look at “Josie Gibson Illness And Health 2023” The health of Josie Gibson has been a topic of discussion among her viewers after she drastically lost weight in the last few months, making people wonder if anything is wrong with her. Josie is an acclaimed TV presenter on This Morning.

Having won the eleventh series of Big Brother in 2010, Josie Gibson is a 38-year-old TV personality from Bristol.

Having won Big Brother, Josie has been presented with several big opportunities.

She became a regular host on Channel 5’s Ok! TV in 2011, replacing Jenny Frost on Thursdays.

In 2019, Josie joined This Morning as a competition announcer, and in 2021, she became a presenter, covering other contestants on vacation.

As a presenter on This Morning, she recently joined co-host Holly Willoughby for a few episodes.

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Josie Gibson Illness And Health Update 2023

In addition to doing routine check-ups and tracking her health, Josie Gibson, the host of This Morning, is very cautious and aware of her health.

In August 2022, Gibson had blood tests as part of a routine check-up. Since then, she has not shared any information about her health.

On her Instagram, Josie shares moments from her shootings, travels, and activities like swimming and boating.

Viewers were concerned about Josie Gibson’s health status after she lost a lot of weight, making them wonder if she was ill.

Josie Gibson Health Update
Josie Gibson gained four and a half stones after her second pregnancy in 2019. (Source: Instagram)

The TV presenter has spoken about this and shared that she has been through a weight loss journey to regain shape after her pregnancy.

After her pregnancy, Gibson gained four and a half stones (a stone equals 14 lbs or 6.35 kgs), which was made worse by the Coronavirus lockdown. She shared that she began to stress eating during that period, adding more weight.

Josie continued to share that she did this weight loss journey much more slowly, taking her own time. She has been adopting new health goals.

The TV presenter has been working on basic things, including improving her sleeping pattern, drinking more water, and doing 30-45 minutes of exercise at least three times a week since 2021 to lose weight and remain healthy.

Does The TV Presenter Have A Cancer?

The TV Presenter has not spoken anything about battling Cancer. Likewise, no sources confirm if she has Cancer. Gibson appears healthy and lively in every place she is spotted, so it is unlikely that she is suffering anything.

The only explanation for such a query is that it is a mere rumor and is not true. Some might have started asking these questions after she drastically lost weight, as many patients lose weight in the treatment of Cancer.

However, this is not the case with the TV personality as she herself revealed that she has been adopting better health habits to lose the weight she gained after pregnancy and lockdown.

But this is not the first time Gibson has gone through a weight loss journey. Almost a decade back, Gibson lost five stone in six months.

Josie Gibson Health Update
Josie Gibson with her son on a family trip in Finland, Santa’s Lapland. (Source: Instagram)

Josie had often shared her struggles with her image on TV and all the trolls and comments she had to battle due to her appearance, especially when she participated in Big Brother in 2010.

This Morning Show presenter dropped from a size 20 to a size 8 in only six months. She became a weight loss guru and released a weight loss book and DVD following the event.

In 2016, she documented her abdominoplasty, which removed the excess skin left over from shedding pounds. The surgery saw 6lbs and 13 inches of skin removed from her abdomen.

Currently, the TV personality is raising her two sons and appears absolutely healthy and in shape, playing around her kids, traveling, and working hard.

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