Who Is Arif Cooper Partner Simone Clarke?

Find Out ”Who Is Arif Cooper Partner Simone Clarke?” The Jamaican musician passed away abruptly after collapsing at the Recall Throwback Edition event. The gathering took place at the Police Officers’ Club on Hope Road, where Cooper was among the DJs scheduled to perform.

The untimely demise of the DJ has cast a pall over the entire Jamaican music industry, prompting increased curiosity about his personal life.

As the CEO of Fresh Ear Production (AMC Music Ltd.), the artist was a proud father to a daughter. However, there is a growing interest in learning more about his spouse.

Who Is Arif Cooper Partner Simone Clarke?
Who Is Arif Cooper Partner Simone Clarke?

Arif Cooper Wiki And Bio

Attribute Information
Full Name Arif Cooper
Also Known As DJ SupaCoop
Gender Male
Date of Birth Not publicly available
Place of Birth Kingston, Jamaica
Date of Death March 5, 2023
Age 32 years old at the time of his death
Nationality Jamaican
Occupation Musician, Producer, DJ, CEO, Radio Broadcaster, Event Promoter
Labels Fresh Ear Productions/AMC Music Ltd.
Notable Contributions Known for his work in reggae, dancehall, and house music
Spouse Simone Clarke (divorced)
Children Aaryn Cooper (daughter)
Net Worth Not publicly disclosed

Who Is Arif Cooper Partner Simone Clarke?

Arif Cooper was previously married to fellow media personality Simone Clarke, but their marriage officially came to an end in the late 2010s.

Throughout their marriage, the late DJ and his ex-wife welcomed a daughter named Aaryn Cooper. The specific details regarding the birth of Arif Cooper’s daughter have not been disclosed, but she appears to be around 10 or 9 years old.

Despite their divorce, Simone continues to use her ex-husband Arif Cooper’s surname, and she is publicly known by that name.

Born as Simon Nichola Clarke, Simone Clarke-Cooper hails from parents with roots in rural Jamaica. She has an elder sister and two younger brothers, and they grew up together. Simone’s father served as a pastor, while her mother was a missionary.

The details of the former couple’s marriage timeline remain undisclosed, but it seems they were together for more than five years. Despite their separation, they likely shared meaningful moments during their time as a married couple.

Arif Cooper Family Explored

Arif Cooper upbringing was immersed in a musical environment, given that his father, Michael “Ibo” Cooper of the Third World band, was a prominent musician and music educator in Jamaica.

Introduced to music at a young age by his legendary father, Arif underwent piano lessons guided by Ibo Cooper. Additionally, Ibo exposed his son to an extensive record collection, providing opportunities to observe performances by iconic figures such as Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Wonder, and Sting.

In 1991, Arif embarked on a career as a DJ and swiftly rose to become one of Jamaica’s premier musicians, both domestically and internationally. The year 1997 marked the establishment of his own production house, Fresh Ear Production. Starting in 1998, Arif joined the RJRGLEANER Communications Group’s FAME FM, where he remained an integral part of the team until his passing.

Arif Cooper’s impact on Jamaican music is profound, as he is credited with creating well-known rhythms like Guardian Angel, New Money, and Happy Step. His contributions extend beyond the music industry, shaping the cultural landscape of Jamaica.

In addition to his accomplishments in production, Arif played a crucial role in nurturing the careers of numerous dancehall acts, including Vybz Kartel, Konshens, Baby Cham, Alaine, Demarco, and Aidonia.

Furthermore, the late musician also served as a broadcaster and radio disc jockey at FAME FM until the time of his death, leaving behind a lasting legacy in the Jamaican music scene.

Arif Cooper Net Worth Before Death

Arif Cooper had an impressive 32-year tenure in the music industry, achieving significant fame and likely accumulating a substantial fortune as a highly accomplished musician.

According to SalaryExpert, a Disk Jockey earns an annual salary of $1,585,524 (JMD). Given Arif Cooper’s stature in the industry, it is reasonable to assume that his earnings were within or around this range.

Beyond his role as a DJ, Arif held multiple hats as the CEO of a production company, a radio broadcaster for the RJR Communication Group (specifically FAME FM), and an event promoter. Despite his untimely departure, his diverse roles and extensive experience suggest that he enjoyed a remarkable and multifaceted career in the music and entertainment industry.

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