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Amy Robach feels reinvigorated lately. It’s because of her sweaty romps with TJ Holmes. The GMA3 alum is gleeful despite her firing from the morning show. The couple is training for this year’s New York Marathon. It’s one of the things that brought them closer together.

The two are having intense training sessions. They work off their frustration behind closed doors. The reason why TJ and Amy are in good shape is because of their intimate sessions. Things get steamy and saucy between them and they just can’t help themselves.

They’re also learning new things in the bedroom. Get all the details behind their wild love life.

Amy Robach [Source: YouTube]
[Source: YouTube]

Inside TJ Holmes & Amy Robach’s sweaty sessions

An insider shared an update on Amy Robach’s hot romance with TJ Holmes. They’re very “active” in the bedroom. The hot new couple found that they’re “in the best shape ever” and it’s not just because of their training for the annual marathon. The former GMA3: What You Need to Know co-anchors ran in this Sunday’s race as they train for the big marathon later this year.

One source told the Daily Mail that their bedroom life has gotten even better. Their sweaty sessions lead them to have wild romps in the bedroom. It’s prepared them for the running lifestyle. They also feel that their intimacy has “whipped them into the best shape of their lives.”

“Are they into the Kama Sutra? I can’t say,” the source told The Daily Mail. “But besides their intense training, their private intimate workouts give them that extra added stamina.”

TJ and Amy Robach fell in love when they both trained for their first half-marathon last year. They want to make that commitment to one another by running in this weekend’s race. It was their first time in the race as lovers since they were exposed in late November 2022.

Former GMA co-anchors run half-marathon

On Sunday, March 19, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach took part in the half-marathon. The two ran side-by-side in the cold weather. Amy disguised herself in a white puffer jacket, which she paired with cobalt blue leggings, a black scarf and matching gloves, and a black beanie. She covered her eyes with sunglasses.

TJ was recognizable in his gray knit beanie, black track jacket, and matching pants. He also wore gloves during the chilly conditions. Amy Robach has something else to celebrate. She managed to finalize her divorce from her estranged husband, Andrew Shue. The Daily Mail reported that the former spouses reached an agreement through private mediation.

They wanted to keep their divorce out of the public eye. Amy Robach can now fully move on with TJ, who’s also in the midst of his divorce from ex-wife Marilee Fiebig. What are your thoughts on Amy feeling reinvigorated from her sweaty romps with TJ? Sound off below in the comment section.

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