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Is Yellowstone Creator Pushing Kevin Costner Out? Could Kevin Costner's John Dutton Die?
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For years, Yellowstone and Succession have been favorably compared to each other. One may be about the biggest ranch in Montana, while the other is a media mega-giant. But, they are all family-driven. Most of all, Kevin Costner’s portrayal of John Dutton has also been compared to Brian Cox’s Logan Roy. They are the tough-as-nails patriarchs of dynasties filled with enemies, frenemies, and politics.

Therefore, with the news of Roy’s end in the third episode of this final season of the HBO Max series, many experts are looking at Costner’s battles with Taylor Sheridan, as the inevitable end.

Could John Dutton suffer the same fate as Logan Roy? Will Kevin Costner’s beloved character die in Season 5? One insider has made a prediction

Yellowstone Patriarch John Dutton ‘Is On His Way Out’

Since February, word around the Yellowstone camp is that creator Taylor Sheridan and star Kevin Costner are battling it out. There are even rumors that the Field of Dreams star will be leaving the top show on television.

However, Showbiz 411 has another take. According to their sources, the Dutton patriarch will “meet a similar fate to that of Succession’s Logan Roy.” The source reveals that Costner’s character will be killed off early in Season 5, Part 2. Afterward, the remaining episodes will be “the repercussions” of that death.

Yellowstone used with permission from Paramount Press Site
Yellowstone used with permission from Paramount Press Site

Yellowstone Creator Plotting End Of John Dutton In Texas

Although the remaining six episodes of Yellowstone Season 5 were originally going to air over the summer, they are far from ready to film. The special inside source revealed that Taylor Sheridan still has not written the episodes.

The whole team is down in Texas now meeting, and trying to figure out how to do it. I’m sure Taylor Sheridan has it worked out more or less.

Currently, they are figuring out what is next with the Duttons in Texas. Other reports from Kevin Costner’s people indicated that the award-winning actor was frustrated with Sheridan’s busy schedule. Currently, Sheridan has about a dozen different projects with Paramount. This is why Kevin did not feel he was putting enough attention on the original series.

Originally, they were going to film the remaining Season 5 episodes in 2022. However, Costner got Covid. This delayed some filming of the first eight-episode block. Then, Sheridan kept moving production for the remaining six episodes to a later date because the script wasn’t ready.

Yellowstone used with permission from Paramount Press Site
Yellowstone used with permission from Paramount Press Site

Is Yellowstone Creator Pushing Kevin Costner Out?

From all accounts, Taylor Sheridan does not have scripts ready for the next block of Yellowstone episodes. Yet, Paramount has blamed Kevin Costner for the delays.

They claimed that he is only available for a week to film the remaining episodes. Although Costner’s lawyer Marty Singer calls these “lies,” that is certainly the right amount of time for him to say goodbye to John Dutton.

The unnamed source seemed to enjoy throwing Kevin under the bus when they shared, “We all knew Kevin would leave eventually.”

Yet, is he leaving, or is he is being pushed out? Yellowstone fans, what do you think?

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