Did Julianna Margulies Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery?

Find Out “Did Julianna Margulies Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery?” Julianna Margulies is an American actress, born on June 8, 1966, known for her starring roles on television. She is the youngest of three daughters born to Francesca, a ballet dancer and teacher, and Paul Margulies, an advertising writer and philosopher.

Margulies’ big break came in 1994 when she landed the role of Nurse Carol Hathaway on the NBC medical drama ER. She remained on the show for six seasons, earning an Emmy Award and six Screen Actors Guild Awards for her performance.

After leaving ER, Margulies starred in a number of films, including Ghost Ship (2002), Evelyn (2002), and Snakes on a Plane (2006). However, it was her return to television in 2009 that truly cemented her status as a star.

Did Julianna Margulies Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery?
Did Julianna Margulies Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery? | Wikipedia

Julianna Margulies Wiki And Bio

Full Name Julianna Margulies
Date of Birth June 8, 1966
Place of Birth Spring Valley, New York, U.S.
Occupation Actress, producer, director
Spouse Keith Lieberthal
Children 1 son named Kieran
Notable Works ER, The Good Wife, The Sopranos, City Island
Awards Emmy and Golden Globe awards
Education B.A. in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College

Did Julianna Margulies Undergo Facial Plastic Surgery?

Speculations and rumors circulate regarding Julianna Margulies possibly undergoing facial plastic surgery, including procedures like a facelift, eyelid surgery, and the use of facial fillers and Botox.

However, it is crucial to emphasize that Julianna Margulies has not affirmed having undergone plastic surgery, and she is recognized for her natural beauty. It is important to approach such information cautiously, as it relies on speculation and lacks confirmation from the individual involved.

Julianna Margulies Family: Husband And Kids

Julianna Margulies has a close-knit family that includes her husband, Keith Lieberthal, and their son, Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal.

Husband, Keith Lieberthal:

  • Keith Lieberthal is a successful lawyer and the son of renowned academic Kenneth Lieberthal.
  • He and Julianna met in 2006 and married in a private ceremony in Lenox, Massachusetts, the following year.
  • Keith is known for being supportive of Julianna’s career and often accompanies her to red carpet events and award shows.
  • He also shares Julianna’s passion for philanthropy and they have been involved in various charitable endeavors together.

Son, Kieran Lindsay Lieberthal:

  • Kieran was born in January 2008, just a few months after Julianna and Keith tied the knot.
  • His name is a combination of Keith’s Irish heritage and Julianna’s admiration for actress Keira Knightley.
  • Kieran is often described as a bright and active child who enjoys spending time with his parents.
  • Julianna has spoken about the challenges and joys of motherhood, balancing her career with raising a son.
  • Both Julianna and Keith prioritize keeping Kieran out of the spotlight and protecting his privacy.

Family is clearly important to Julianna, and she has spoken about how much she cherishes her time with her husband and son. They are often seen enjoying family outings, vacations, and supporting each other’s endeavors.

Despite their busy schedules, Julianna and Keith have created a loving and supportive home for Kieran. They seem to have found a good balance between their careers and family life, and they are clearly enjoying this special time together.

How Much Older Is Julianna Margulies Than Her Husband?

Julianna Margulies is 6 years older than her husband, Keith Lieberthal.

  • Julianna was born on June 8, 1966, which makes her 57 years old as of today, December 4, 2023.
  • Keith’s exact birthdate isn’t publicly available, but various sources report he was born in 1972, making him around 51 years old.

Therefore, the age difference between Julianna and Keith is 57 – 51 = 6 years.

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