Dumisani Ngobese Story: Generations Real Name & Wikipedia, His Graduation Story Leaves People In Tear

UKZN Dumisani Ngobese graduation story demonstrates how he overcame poverty to achieve remarkable success.

A photo of Ngobese at a graduation party has been trending on social media. The event was held on May 13, 2022.

Dumisani Ngobese Story: Generations Real Name & Wikipedia, His Graduation Story Leaves People In Tear

The young graduate who had graduated the day before couldn’t afford to wear a suit to the celebration. After hearing his narrative, South Africans were moved to tears.

Dumisani Ngobese Story: Generations Real Name – His Wikipedia & Age

Dumisani Ngobese is a 23 years old South African student. He recently graduated from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. He resides in a poor rural area outside Empangeni called Bhukhanana.

Dumisani received a bachelor’s degree in Arts at the institution at the Westville Campus on Friday. Now, he will work hard further to pursue his honors.

In particular, Ngobese was raised in a poor family. His grandmother worked as a street vendor and was the sole earner in his family. According to Ngobese, he lived in a large family of 10 children.

UKZN Dumisani Ngobese’s Graduation Story Leaves People In Tear

Ngobese has proudly claimed his degree at UKZN’s campus after a lot of hard work.

Throughout the event, the people were quick to comment on Ngobese’s attire for the event. Unlike many, he appeared in a black golf t-shirt and black pants. He was unable to afford a suit for his big ceremony.

Following the incident, Ngobese’s story caught the attention of many people all around the world. In fact, his graduation story drove many people, including visitors, to tears.

You have seen the picture now know the story behind it

23-year-old Dumisani Ngobese could not hold back tears after he was conferred with a Bachelor of Arts degree at a ceremony held at the UKZN’s Westville Campus on Friday.

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— University of KZN (@UKZN) May 13, 2022

The 23-year-old had reflected on his rough journey which he considers “Long and Difficult”. Despite his poverty and lack of resources, he has worked hard to earn a bachelor’s degree. During the ceremony, Ngobese had clearly stated: “I could not afford to buy a suit, but I just had to be there at the graduation.”

During the ceremony, Ngobese’s grandmother could not make the trip to see him graduate due to ill health. He was accompanied by his mother and aunt. Although saddened by the absence of his grandmother, Ngobese has proven that hard effort can make your goal come true. Your ambition should be great regardless of the economics, and you should always remain humble.

Dumisani Ngobese Has Been Offered Job By A Rich Businessman

Upon hearing the sad story of Dumisani Ngobese, he has been offered a permanent job by a Durban businessman.

#Dumisani Ngobese is now an official Chairman of @calvinandfam Starting from Monday the 16th of May 2022. Congratulations to this young man and we thank @calvinandfam for hiring him. #SelectAfricaTVNewsUpdate pic.twitter.com/ZdUQIjkoPA

— Select AfricaTV (@SelectAfricatv) May 14, 2022

Calvin Mathibeli, who owns Calvin and Family Group of companies was moved by  Ngobese’s story. He will be paying for Ngobese’s further education.

Calvin said: “I was so moved by his story because of his resilience but also because of the similarities that we have in terms of background. I spoke to him yesterday and I was very moved by his story,”. Furthermore, the businessman has stated that  Dumisani’s story has resonated with him, as he was also raised by his grandmother in a big family.