Fact Check On Child Q Name And Identity, Case Unfolds As Parents Want Met Police To Answer

Fact Check On Child Q Name And Identity: The identity and name of Child Q have been maintained. She is now fighting for other children’s safety.

In recent days, the case of Child Q has sparked a racial issue. It all started when a Black adolescent girl was strip searched at school.

Fact Check On Child Q Name And Identity, Case Unfolds As Parents Want Met Police To Answer

In the year 2020, a 15-year-old girl was falsely accused of possessing marijuana. Officers then subjected her to a harsh search that included exposing her body parts.

Hundreds of protestors have already taken to the streets to denounce the misbehavior. They want civil action taken against the school as well as Met police personnel.

The search was deemed “unjustified” after an official review on March 16, 2022. The incident is also likely to have a racist component.

Fact Check: A Quick Look On Child Q’s Name And Identity

Child Q is a teenage student at the Hackney secondary school. She was only 15 years old during the traumatic incident.

In December 2020, she was mistreated on the suspicion of carrying cannabis. She is now taking a civil action against her school and police officer.

Meanwhile, the real name and identity of the poor girl have not been revealed.

As of now, Q has launched civil proceedings against the Met Police and school. Further, she wants to ensure safety for other children.

She is being represented by Chanel Dolcy, a solicitor at Bhatt Murphy, who is an expert in police misconduct.

Child Q’s Parents Are Among The Protesters

Child Q’s parents are among the thousands of protestors who demand justice for her.

As stated by Q’s mother, they were never notified by the school in advance. In fact, the school had tried to cover the whole incident.

As the investigation has continued, more horrifying things have been revealed about the incident.

Lately, protestors have been chanting “We do not consent” and “Under attack, we fight back” in the support of Q and her family.

Also chants of “Racist cops, out of schools” have sparked following the disturbing and horrific incident.

Meanwhile, Q has also thanked all of her supporters. She said: “I want to thank the thousands of people across the world of all backgrounds who have offered me support – both publicly and through messages conveyed to my legal team – following everything I’ve been through. I know I am not alone.”

Twitter Post & Video Shows A Big Line Of Supporters For Child Q

The video posted on Twitter purported to show students protesting inside the school in support of Child Q and her family.

The organisation Kids of Colour wrote on Twitter: “Thank you to Manchester for showing up! We stood in solidarity with Child Q and said #NoPoliceInSchools and abolition in our lifetime”.