Jennifer Jones Eye Surgery: Did She Gain Weight? Everything On Canadain Olympic curling & Health Update

Jennifer Jones Eye Surgery: Did She Gain Weight? Jennifer Jones has been the subject of recent reports that she underwent eye surgery, and fans are concerned about her health. Has she put on any weight? Find out more in the sections below.

Jennifer Jones is an Olympic gold medalist in curling from the 2014 Winter Olympics. In the Olympic Games, the athlete has had incredible success. She is the first female skip from Canada to go unbeaten in the Olympic games.

The more famous a person is, the more people are interested in learning more about them. We’ve discussed the rumors surrounding Jennifer’s eye surgery and weight gain in this piece.

Jennifer Jones Eye Surgery And Health Update Details Explained

Jennifer Jones’ health is perfectly fine. She had competed at the Olympics this year, and she naturally has to be in her top state to compete.

The rumors about her eye surgery are from an old injury she suffered during the finals of the 1994 Canadian juniors. She had tripped and fallen, hitting her eye in the incident.

She had suffered from bruising in her eye. Jennifer has said that the injury occasionally acts up, and she has sore eyes.

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The details about her surgery are unknown, but the old injury shouldn’t be too much of an issue, as she’s competing in the 2022 winter Olympics.

Did Curler Jennifer Jones Gain Weight?

No, Jennifer Jones doesn’t seem to have gained weight. She is currently 58 kg, according to Wikipedia. Also, other sources state her to be 62 kg.

A person’s weight naturally fluctuates, and a 3-4 kg difference is unnoticeable. However, Jennifer is actually below the average weight for her height. A woman of 5 feet 7 inches weighs an average of 67 kg.

The Olympic curling uniform is naturally bulky, and winter sports clothes are bulky to retain warmth. At first glance, it may really seem as though Jennifer has gained weight.

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Jennifer is currently 47 years old and has also given birth to two children. She naturally looks fine for a woman of her age.

Jennifer Jones Marriage: Her Husband Details Explored

Jennifer Jones is married to her husband, Brent Liang.

Brent is also a professional Canadian Curler, and the couple met while in a match when they were mixed doubles partners. The power couple is both well-known names in the international curling stage.

Jennifer and Brent both have countless medals from several international competitions. The couple met and fell in love due to their mutual passion for curling.

Jennifer and Brent eventually married each other and have two kids together.

The two children’s names are Isabella and Skyla. Brent also has another child from a previous relationship.

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