Following the battle, several heroes are in critical condition, including Number One Hero: Endeavor, who is just as emotionally wounded as he is physically. After Dabi’s video goes viral, the public turns on Endeavor in droves, seeing him as a failed hero and father.

We’re then treated to a truly heartbreaking scene where Endeavor, thinking he’s alone, reflects on recent events. With people outside the hospital cursing his name and his own son now a sadistic villain, who could blame the man for crying? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Endeavor show emotion, but it’s still quite affecting to see the usually stoic hero break down in tears.

Endeavor’s pity party is then interrupted by Shoto and his siblings, Natsuo and Fuyumi, who have come to talk to him. This leads to a legitimately funny moment where Shoto, gobsmacked upon seeing his father in tears, slams the door. With tears in his eyes, Endeavor begins apologizing to his kids for basically being the world’s worst father. However, as he laments over his broken heart, Rei, his wife, emerges from behind her kids, marking the first time she’s seen Endeavor in some time. The two then discuss Toya, lamenting how they both could’ve done better.

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