Ned’s Declassified Cast Is Going Viral For A Very Adult Reason


To be fair, there were certainly some questionable things featured on “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide,” but they at least stayed in the realm of “kid-friendly.” The story divulged on the podcast shows how things took a turn when the cast had some time on their own, and it’s breaking some people’s rose-colored images of how things were like on the set.

Even though they’re all adults now and had experiences that are normal for teenagers, it just wasn’t what some people wanted to hear, as they’ve expressed on X, formerly known as Twitter. X user @doognukem summed up many people’s thoughts, “I thought the Ned’s Declassified podcast would be wholesome but they just keep talkin about having sex on the set all the time. I don’t need to know this lol.” Others took the NSFW stories and took them in good fun, like @wilkatmeg, “That Ned’s Declassified podcast revelation is slightly disturbing but funny, talk about Nick at Nite.”

One common refrain from fans is that these kinds of stories have all the makings of a “Ned’s Declassified” revival. If Nickelodeon or Paramount+ wanted to reboot the series, they could do so, perhaps with Ned giving advice on how to survive adulthood, including tips for the bedroom. It could follow in the same vein as the “iCarly” reboot, which definitely had more adult-oriented jokes and storylines. There’s no word if a reboot is in the works just yet, but the podcast is keeping the series in the zeitgeist, whether fans want it that way or not. 

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