No Way Home Concept Art Shows Spidey’s Villain Team-Up We Never Got


While fans didn’t get to see the reluctant partnership in play for “No Way Home,” it doesn’t mean it could find a place in the next chapter of Spider-Man’s story. According to superhero-scoop magnet Daniel Richtman, Adrian Toomes is rumored to return in the web-slinger’s next big-screen outing, which is still in development. It would be fascinating if the initial plot details that Nizzi worked for “No Way Home” found themselves here. However, the ultimate fact waiting to be confirmed is if Tom Holland will even be on board.

At a November press conference, in regards to him donning the red-and-blue Spidey suit again, the actor explained that he was “actively engaging in conversations about what it could look like for a fourth rendition of my character” (via Collider). He added, “Whether or not we can find a way to do justice to the character is another thing.” Fingers crossed they do, and if so, there’s space for Keaton’s winged criminal to do a victory lap alongside him as well.

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