Udaipur Murder Case As Video On Social Media Goes Viral - Who Is Kanhaiya Lal JNU?

Take a look at “Udaipur Murder Case As Video On Social Media Goes Viral” Kanhaiya Lal, a tailor from Udaipur, was killed by two guys who recorded the entire crime and posted it online.

In a horrifying occurrence, the proprietor of the tailor shop was murdered by two persons in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Udaipur Murder Case As Video On Social Media Goes Viral - Who Is Kanhaiya Lal JNU?

While the man was occupied with his work, the two on the run men broke inside the store and fatally stabbed him with a knife. They apparently recorded the entire incident and then uploaded it to social media.

In addition, the perpetrators exaggerated their activities and threatened the Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, in relation to the contentious remark made by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma.

Soon after, the video went viral on many social media platforms, which has, in turn, promoted violence and started public protests in the street.

Speaking about the incident, the Rajasthan police stated about doing everything in their power to arrest the wrongdoers, and won’t be leaving any stone unturned to solve the case.

Who Is Kanhaiya Lal From Udaipur?

Kanhaiya Lal was a tailor from Udaipur who was murdered inside his shop.

He was a workingman and worked from his shop in the crowded marketplace of Udaipur. A familiar person with the current use of social media and the internet, he would not shy away to speak about anything on his media accounts.

Udaipur Murder Case As Video On Social Media Goes Viral
Victim of the Udaipur Murder case, Kanhaiya Lal ( Source : Tribuneindia )

It was one of those comments about a controversial subject that led to the event that eventually cost him his life. The tragic incident was fueled only because he spoke in favor of the BJP spokesperson, who had earlier given provocative comments on Prophet Mohammad.

NDTV reports that the murderers widely boasted about the murder on the footage after killing the man.

Udaipur Murder Case Over Social Media: What Happened To Kanhaiya Lal?

The reason behind the Udaipur murder case was over a social media critique where Kanhaiya Lal was killed for his online opinion.

It all started after the tailor supported Nupur Sharma and her provocative comments on his social media. Seeing that support, two unknown people, who are now identified, walked to his shop, blending like customers going to purchase cloth.

Protest in Udaipur after the incident
Protest in Udaipur after the incident ( Source : Ndtv )

In the crowded place, the two of them got inside the place and asked about making cloth. Eventually, Kanhaiya started taking measurements of one of them and it was at this point that the other person took out the knife and stabbed the tailer multiple times.

He also filmed the whole incident which is now gradually being removed from the internet after the police stepped in to stop its spread due to its gruesome nature.

How Old Was Kanhaiya Lal?

Guessing from his appearance, Kanhaiya Lal’s age was around 30- 40 years old.

His actual age and other details relating to his birthday and early age are not well portrayed on the internet as of now. The police are trying their best to maintain close privacy and it is understandable since the family and other related people of the victim would have been dragged into the media otherwise.

So, due to the lack of actual data, we can only mention the speculated data which highlight the late man to be in his 30s.

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