Walton Goggins Is Unrecognizable As The Ghoul In Fallout TV Series First Look


Players may only see ghouls as something to shoot in the Fallout games, but Walton Goggins’ character will enjoy greater depth in the Prime Video series. For starters, viewers will learn some of his backstory. According to Vanity Fair, his name before the apocalypse was Cooper Howard, a husband and father. However, exposure to nuclear radiation turned him into something twisted, doomed to pretty much live forever while constantly appearing on the verge of death. 

As such, The Ghoul will serve as something of a connecting string to the time before nuclear war transpired. Jonathan Nolan even compares the character to Virgil in Dante’s “Inferno.” “He becomes our guide and our protagonist in that [older] world, even as we understand him to be the antagonist at the end of the world.”

Anyone who’s played the Fallout games will likely see the influences of the ghouls on Goggins, but a concerted effort was made to ensure the prosthetics, which come courtesy of Vincent Van Dyke, didn’t overshadow the actor’s performance. As Nolan put it, “I need to be able to see Walton and his performance, he needs to look like a Ghoul from the game, and he needs to be kind of hot.”

The Fallout games feature fantastic world-building, and The Ghoul should encapsulate much of that for the Amazon series. Walton Goggins has experience with both dramatic and comedic roles, so the character is likely to become a standout.

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