Was DJ Maphorisa Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend Thuli Phongolo? Case Details And Age

Find out “Was DJ Maphorisa Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend Thuli Phongolo?” Amapiano producer and club DJ DJ Maphorisa was apprehended on Sunday. Read the article below to learn more about DJ Maphorisa arrested.

His girlfriend, Thuli Phongolo, was accused of physically assaulting him on Sunday afternoon.

At the Sandton Police Station, Phongolo disclosed the details of the assassination.

There were alleged incidents of gender-based violence at the Sandton, Johannesburg, home of Thuli Phongolo, a former actress on Generations: The Legacy.

During the altercation, Phongolo confronted Maphorisa about a previous argument the night before, according to a statement obtained by City Press.

Phongolo’s statement suggests that they got into a disagreement in front of others during an event where Maphorisa was scheduled to perform.

Was DJ Maphorisa Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend Thuli Phongolo?

Fans and netizens of Amapiano producer, DJ Maphorisa, have arrested details that have made headlines online.

Thuli’s neck had severe bruises, according to the authorities who witnessed her going to the police station.

According to her statement, she suffered injuries to her chest, arms, right cheek, and neck.

Insiders say the couple’s relationship has been in trouble for some time, but it’s unclear what caused the dispute.

DJ Maphorisa arrested
DJ Maphorisa and WizKid’s new studio session project floods social media (Source: Savanna News)

A source within the music industry disclosed that this wasn’t the first time they’d had a heated altercation.

In December, they had a quarrel over infidelity allegations, and another fight occurred last month but wasn’t reported to the police.

On charges of assassination, DJ Maphorisa is set to appear in court on Monday at the Randburg Magistrates’ Court.

DJ Maphorisa Case Update: Is He Going To Jail?

There is uncertainty regarding whether the couple was scheduled to perform at the same location, but based on Phongolo’s statement, they began arguing in the presence of others.

Thuli told the authorities that Maphorisa reacted aggressively and struck her in the face when she confronted him. She went on to explain how he continued to abuse her after the initial slap physically.

She gave a detailed account in her statement. Stating that Maohorisa grew violent and began striking her chest with his fists.

DJ Maphorisa
DJ Maphorisa in jail for beating up Thuli Phongolo (Source: Mbare Times)

She told the authorities that he took her to the balcony, seizing her neck aggressively. He repeatedly struck her with his elbow during their struggle for her phone, which he had confiscated.

Thuli recounted that after he handed her the phone, she immediately called her manager, who drove her to the police station to report the domestic violence incident.

According to the police who witnessed her on her way to the station, Phongolo suffered severe bruises on her neck.

How Old Is DJ Maphorisa Age?

Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe also known as DJ Maphorisa was born in 1987, as of 2023, 35 years old.

While it is uncertain what led to the argument, insiders suggest that the couple has been experiencing significant difficulties in their relationship.

DJ Maphorisa
DJ Maphorisa ARRESTED for assaulting actress girlfriend (Source: South African)

A source within the music industry disclosed that this was not the first time they had a heated disagreement.

The insider revealed that they had a confrontation in early December after allegations of infidelity and another last month, which did not result in a police report.

Maphorisa is set to appear in court on Monday to face assault charges. A source familiar with the situation stated that Maphorisa, while in police custody, asked to contact his attorneys to negotiate bail.

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