What Happened To Benjamin Hall From Fox News? Injury And Update On Benjamin Hall's Current Health Condition 

What Happened To Benjamin Hall From Fox News? While covering the Ukraine invasion for Fox News, correspondent Benjamin Hall was gravely injured.

Benjamin Hall is a journalist from the United Kingdom. He presently works for Fox News Channel as a State Department correspondent.

What Happened To Benjamin Hall From Fox News? Injury And Update On Benjamin Hall's Current Health Condition 

Inside ISIS: The Brutal Rise of a Terrorist Army is a book written by Hall. In addition, he has worked for The New York Times and The Times of London.

The journalist had just returned from covering the battle in Ukraine. After that, he was taken to the hospital after being injured while covering the invasion.

What Happened To Benjamin Hall From Fox News?

Benjamin Hall has been hospitalized after being injured in Ukraine.

The Fox News correspondent was injured while covering a news report near Kyiv. He had been deployed in recent week to cover the war.

Fox News chief executive Suzanne Scott was the one who had confirmed the news.

She has written in a memo to employees: “We have a minimal level of details right now, but Ben is hospitalized and our teams on the ground are working to gather additional information as the situation quickly unfolds,”

“The safety of our entire our entire team of journalists in Ukraine and the surrounding regions is our top priority and of the utmost importance,”

“This is a stark reminder for all journalists who are putting their lives on the line every day to deliver the news from a war zone.”

Scott had ended the memo stating: “Please keep Ben and his family in your prayers,”

Meanwhile, the cameraman who was injured alongside Hall in Ukraine on Monday, March 14, 2022, has died.

On Tuesday morning, the network has released a statement announcing cameraman Pierre Zakrzewski’s death.

Injury And Update On Benjamin Hall’s Current Health Condition

Benjamin Hall is seriously injured as stated in the Daily Mail.

He was hit in both of his legs by shrapnel while covering the war conflict near Kyiv. Currently, he stays in the Intensive Care.

Details On Benjamin Hall Wife & Family

Since 2015, Benjamin Hall has been married to Alicia Meller. They’re also the parents of three small kids.

Meller is an Australian entrepreneur who works for Senso, a footwear company founded by her parents.

According to the company’s website, she joined the family business in 2010 with her sisters and is now in charge of global expansion.

Following Hall’s injury, fans all around the world have prayed for his speedy recovery.