Who Is Alissa Smart And What Is Kia Challenge TikTok? Shares How Dangerous This Trend & Why You Should Report It

Let’s find out “Who Is Alissa Smart And What Is Kia Challenge TikTok?” Millions of people have been interested in the Kia Challenge, a recent trend that has entered the list of bizarre TikTok phenomena. The idea is classified as risky, nevertheless. Let’s research the trend.

The TikTok community is full of drama and entertainment. Many content producers duet each other in videos with their unique viewpoints, participating in dramatic drama. Fans, however, like the drama greatly.

Who Is Alissa Smart And What Is Kia Challenge TikTok? Shares How Dangerous This Trend & Why You Should Report It

The video-sharing software is the source of trend-driven entertainment. On the platform, a video goes viral, inspiring other producers to upload similar videos with their own personal flair, starting a trend.

At the moment, Kia Challenge has been at the top of the list of most popular trends. However, with the trend, there has been questioning about its dangerous nature.


Who Is Alissa Smart And What Is Kia Challenge TikTok?

Alissa Smart has fallen victim to the Kia challenge, which resulted in hundreds of dollars in car repairs. The Indiana native found her car in a bad position on the 16th of July. 

She suspected a bunch of teenagers as the culprit who did the act. Kia Challenge is the most recent addition to TikTok, in which people attempt to turn on the Kia car using only a USB cable.

The trend is all about showing people you don’t need a car key to turn on the vehicle. After a few individuals demonstrated how to start a Kia car’s engine with only a USB cord, the video quickly gained popularity.


Woman suspects 'Tik Tok challenge' in Madison County car break-in
Woman suspects ‘Tik Tok challenge’ in Madison County car break-in ( Source : Wthr )

The comment section of the trend was full of people admitting to doing this challenge and becoming successful. Alissa Smart is the recent victim of the trend.

Although her car was not stolen, Alissa’s few items, such as diaper bags and car seats, were missing from the Kia. She alongside many people is speaking against the trend and wants to ban it.


How To Report Kia Challenge? The New Dangerous Trend On TikTok

The Kia Challenge can be simply reported from the options in the video. While clicking the share option, there comes a report option on the lower half of the screen.

By simply clicking it, there would be a series of questions on why to report the video. The trend has been classified as dangerous and can be reported to the platform. 

Besides that, netizens have demanded TikTok remove all the videos related to the trend. To ensure the security of the general public and their entities, report any videos of the challenge that you find on social media.

TikTok is an entertaining platform, but people are often intimated with trends and challenges even though they are dangerous. 


A Look At The Dangerous Trend On TikTok: Social Media Reaction On Incident 

The trend has found immense popularity in the group of teenagers and early 20s. Everybody is willing to prove their intelligence by showing that they can start the car without the key.

@santanagloin_ I'm ready for this kia challenge 😈#fyp #foryou #foryoupage #414milwaukee #kiaboyz #kia #nba2k #DEO #nba2k22 #milwakee ♬ Free RTM – Tae Rackzz

It is one of the viral topics of study on social media. Twitter users are showing concern about criminal activity under the name of a trend. An Indiana native woman, Alissa has been the subject of the victim.

Her car has been broken down by suspected teenagers, who committed the crime under the influence of a TikTok challenge. She has pledged against the trend, as she can not repair her broken car.

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