Who Is York City Has A New Investor In Glen Henderson What Is His Net Worth?

Who Is York City Has A New Investor In Glen Henderson What Is His Net Worth? York City Supporters’ Trust and financier Glen Henderson jointly purchase the team with a anet worth of more than 100 million dollars.

Glen Henderson is a well-known business owner and investor. Additionally, he recently made headlines for acquiring joint ownership of York City, a National League team, after purchasing 51% of the team.

In addition, as a prosperous businessman, Glen Henderson and the organizations he founded have won praise for their extraordinary adherence to best practice principles and top-notch customer service. Henderson is a prosperous businessman who was born in Hartlepool and raised in South Africa. Here is all the information you need to know about York City’s new chairman.

What is York City Investor Glen Henderson’s Net Worth?

York City Investor, Glen Henderson’s net worth is estimated to be around $100 million USD to $200 Million USD. However, his actual net worth has not been revealed on the internet yet.

Who Is York City Has A New Investor In Glen Henderson What Is His Net Worth?
York City’s new chairman Glen Henderson (left) and chief executive Alastair Smith (right). ( Source : Yorkpress )

As a matter of fact, Glen initially contacted the Trust in June 2018 with the intention of making an investment in the team using a new “football and fan-centric concept.” They have developed a solid working relationship, a company plan, and an intriguing future vision throughout that period.

Together, they will put the supporters at the center of all they do and aim to create a new footballing paradigm that permeates all facets of York City FC.

Glen Henderson New Chairman Earning And Wealth in 2022

Glen Henderson is the new chairman of York City whose earnings and wealth as of 2022 are estimated to be in millions of dollars.

Moreover, Glen has an exceptional career in business. He co-founded Amazing Athletes Inc, a children’s multi-sport program with locations around the USA, which he later sold to Youth Athletes Ltd in 2018. Additionally, he ran a taproom bar and two restaurants in the USA, which he sold in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

Further, he was reared in South Africa, where he played football at the national level and for the U19 national team after being born in Hartlepool. Before receiving a 4-year scholarship in Atlanta, Georgia, he played semi-professionally for Benoni Northerns and Boksburg FC. He has played football and also has a BA in Business Administration and a degree in International Marketing Management.

Glen Henderson: Investment In Club And Partner

Glen Henderson is a 51% partner of the football club. The Trust has now successfully sold its investor partner, Glen Henderson, 51% of the football club after transferring the shares. The Trust’s ownership rises to 49 percent thanks to this new partnership model, and both shareholders invest a sizable amount of money in the club.

In order to acquire ownership of the club, The Trust first bought back the 75% interest it had sold to JM Packaging in 2006. They kept the other 49% and later sold a majority interest to Henderson. Since 2002, the Trust board has served as the football club’s guardian, and it is happy to have achieved a shift in ownership and investment that gives the team a wonderful opportunity to develop and prosper.

On the internet, Glen also stated that he is excited to be collaborating with the Trust to create a viable future for the team and pursue his goal of getting York City back into the Football League.