What Are The Black Marks On Serena Williams Face?

Why Does Serena Have A Black Mark On Her Face? At the Rothesay International Eastbourne Tennis Tournament in 2022, tennis legend Serena Williams made a comeback. What shocked her admirers the most was her appearance, which included black marks on her face.

It was a pleasant surprise for Serena’s supporters that the 40-year-old was finally back and playing at her absolute best after a 12-month absence due to injuries.

Let’s find out more about the tennis veteran’s black marks on his face and what happened to the tennis great.


Why Does Serena Have A Black Mark On Her Face? Plasters & Stickers Explained

With the star tennis player’s return to Wimbledon, fans were left confused and concerned about the black marks on Serena Williams’s face. Her fans wondered if they were stickers or plasters as they had never seen the athlete with them before.


Why Does Serena Have A Black Mark On Her Face?
Serena Williams playing at the Rothesay International with black patches on her face ( Source : Metro )


Serena explained in an interview with The Times that the black stickers were actually medical patches for her sinus. The tennis player revealed that she had sinus problems, and the patches were worn to help her relieve pressure and pain.

The 40-year-old also gave some tips to her audience regarding sinus since she knows how hard it can get sometimes. She suggested taking hot showers and try not to drink cold beverages, especially anything with ice in it, as it could worsen your condition.

Other than that, she suggested using a natural saline spray daily, keeping sinuses moist, daily exercising outdoors to help increase circulation, and getting plenty of rest.

It was really kind of the Wimbledon player to share some tips with her viewers to help deal with sinuses.

What Happened To Serena Williams?

Serena Williams took a year-long break before returning suddenly to this year’s Rothesay International Tournament, so some fans are curious if the black marks on her face were the reason for her absence.


Why Does Serena Have A Black Mark On Her Face?
Serena Williams getting injured during the 2021 tournament ( Source : Metro )


The veteran tennis player took a year-long break from tennis after she was inflicted with an injury during her game in 2021.

Williams injured her hamstring after slipping during her tournament at Wimbledon while playing against Aliaksandra Sasnovich and had to leave the game 34 minutes in.

After proper rest and rehab, the star tennis player finally announced her comeback on her Instagram, writing,

“SW at SW19. It’s a date. 2022 See you there.”

According to fans, they had not expected to see the athlete return so soon since they could not find her name listed in the Wimbledon’s list of players, but it was a pleasant surprise to see her playing.

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